Useful Horror

Islamic terror

But it is Islam

The murder of a dozen people is, simply, horrible. It does not matter why they were murdered, the fact of their massacre is the horror in itself.

Even as the terrorists are still on the loose there are things which are clear about these murders. They were committed by Muslims in the name of Islam to shut up people who mocked Islam.

There is no room for Western liberal spin about lone wolves and metal illness. This was murder by and for Islam.

It was, if further demonstration was needed, proof that Islam is not compatible with liberal democracy. There may be individual Muslims who can meet the demands for tolerance and non-violent liberal democracy imposes;but Islam the religion/cult/ideology as it is presently constituted cannot. A fact underscored by President Sisi’s recent speech to the religious in Egypt.

Collective punishment is also contrary to the tenents of democracy;but that does not mean France or any other civilised nation needs to allow Islam to continue to undermine our Enlightenment values.

The first thing to do in the wake of these murders is to strip Islam of its status as a religion. Recognize that in its unreformed state Islam is a political cult and treat it that way.

Close the mosques. Once Islam is recognised as an essentially political cult there is no reason to allow it to preach it’s hateful doctrines which rely on the Koran which is, itself, a manual of incitement and justification for murder. Closing the mosques would send a clear message to the Muslims that their brand of hatred and violence was not welcome in France or anywhere else in the West.

Prohibit all immigration from Muslim nations by Muslims. Of course the poor Christians and others should be allowed to come but for a decade or two Muslim immigration to the West needs to end.

Third, systematically look at every recent Muslim immigrant and, if citizenship has not been granted, send them back to where ever they came from on the basis that the danger of Islam increases as it’s numbers increase. Once the non-citizens have been deported, look at the recent citizens and determine if their pledge of loyalty to their new country was honest or if loyalty to the political cult of Islam made taking such a pledge sincerely impossible. Look for evidence of conduct. Participation in radical activities, keeping women in bags, evidence of female genital mutilation would all suggest that loyalty to the cult made taking the citizenship oath honestly impossible.

The faint hearted will object that this program would deny Muslims the right of free speech and the right to freedom of religion. Even the most passionate advocate of free speech will draw the line at incitement and treason or sedition. At its core Islam incites murder, advocates treason and promotes sedition – silencing it does no damage to free speech. Recognising that Islam is a political cult puts it outside the protection extended to religions so the issue of religious freedom does not come up.

The murder of a dozen people by Islamic terrorists is a horror but it is the sort of atrocity which reminds people of how dangerous Islam actually is.

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10 thoughts on “Useful Horror

  1. Agreed! Absolutely! Here’s a letter I sent to my M.L.A. and M.P. this morning echoing what you’ve written:

    To:; Ashton.MLA, Dan
    Subject: Charlie Hebdo; an Attack on us all

    Dear Dan and Dan,

    You are, respectively, my M.L.A. and my M.P. You are both members of the governing party in your respective jurisdictions. Mr. Albas, you have access to the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister. Mr. Ashton, you have access to the Premier and the Attorney General of BC. This means you can influence the course of both our Criminal Code and its enforcement.

    I would like you now, as my representatives, in light of the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris, to start taking Islamic terrorism seriously.

    Specifically, I want all mosques in B.C. and Canada to be shut until further notice. I want all Imams to undergo training in Canadian laws and values. I want all real, or suspected, Islamic militants to be put into custody. And finally, I want the Government of Canada and the Government of B.C. to refuse to open the Mosques until Canadian Muslims re-write the Koran to expunge its inherent militancy. Anything less is not enough to ensure public safety.

    As a former journalist with the Daily Courier, the CBC, Associated Press and United Press International, I want protection for my former colleagues and, in a larger sense, for all Canadians. This is YOUR responsibility and I demand that you carry it out.

    Frank Hilliard

  2. clunkykat says:

    Well said Jay.

  3. Ian says:

    Jay, forgive me if I borrow what you have written. Well done.

  4. […] rise in Europe. Charlie Hebdo was a horrible, violent, incident. As such it was a, as I put it, Useful Horror. It underscored how desperately wrong the present immigration, asylum and multicultural policies in […]

  5. xanthippa says:

    Another thing Western Democracies could and should do is to reduce the amount of money paid to people who are able to work, but choose not to.

    This would end the Islamic claim (and, yes, a welfare-collecting Muslim told me this is what they are told in the Mosque) that Muslims are superior to us and that by paying them welfare, we are recognizing their superiority: that welfare/support is jizya whiwh we humbly pay them in recognition of their elevated status above us.

    And it would make it much more difficult to unemployed Muslim men to practice polygamy and have us pay them for practicing ‘womb jihad’.

    But, it would have a beneficial effect on society in general and lead to fewer singe-parent families: the number one predctor for criminality of the children.

    It’s a win-win scenario!

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