Maryse Wolinski, wife of murdered cartoonist tells RTL: “We have got rid of those two but many many more remain.”

I woke up to the second seize in Paris and, as I write, it looks as if both seiges have ended with the deaths of some or all the terrorists. Let’s hope. The fact that there seemed to have been a link – either pre-existing or forged on the spot between the Charlie Hebdo killers and the man who took the hostages in the Kosher supermarket is disturbing but not surprising.

For Islam all the faithful have the obligation of jihad. It is an organizing principle which lies at the heart of this overtly militant and political organization. So it makes perfect sense for extremists to undertake combined if not planned action.

Disrupting the Islamic political project requires that we, like Nigel Farage, recognize that Islam is a fifth column, a hidden, political unit masquerading as a religion and directly and indirectly attacking the fabric of Western democracy. Farage took a lot of criticism from the likes of Cameron, Clegg and Milliped for daring to speak politically about the threat posed by Islam. Judging from the 40:1 pro Farage comments at the Daily Mail Farage has captured the deep anger and frustration of the general public at the great and good’s abject failure to confront and destroy the Islamic political project.

Close the mosques. Eliminate Islamic immigration.

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