Rebel, Rebel…

Ezra rides again.

Now here’s the thing. Ez has published a magazine and put on a nightly TV show. He apparently has some backing. He has name recognition.

The question is whether he has taken the proper lessons from the fact that neither of these two operations were successful? A good rant once in a while in the style of Rex Murphy is grand;but there needs to a lot more than that.

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10 thoughts on “Rebel, Rebel…

  1. Dallas says:

    I would respectfully argue against a claim that Ezra has not been successful. He has certainly influenced anyone who has followed his work.

    Cases in point in regards to spearheading positive actions in the last few months against the following outrages: Nanaimo City Council – rescinding anti-Christian local lawmaking, Calgary pogrom – resulting in legal action against the pro-Hamas thugs; Legal societies of BC and New Brunswick against TWU in their anti-Christian diktats.

    In addition, he has hosted many, many good interviews with the brightest stars in the anti-jihad and anti-radical-leftist movements.

    Canadians are sorely in need of education to counter the irresponsible complicity and negligence of the mainstream media in reporting what amounts to the greatest challenges of our times, and sadly, is off most Canadians’ radar. As far as awareness goes, most people I know are living like it’s the 1980s.

  2. peterodonnell says:

    I would rather be a failure like Ezra Levant than a success like the talking heads who disparage him. They say that Canadians were not responsive to his brand of “strident right wing extremism” but they should have just stopped at not responsive.

    You can’t blame the doctor when the corpse fails to walk around, for that sort of thing you need a higher power. But at least Ezra was a doctor, he could have healed, if any of the patients were alive.

    Now we’re back to saying that Rex Murphy makes the most sense of any Canadian TV pundit, and it is widely acknowledged that nobody understands a word that he says. Thus it must be true given the competition.

  3. Yeah, those enterprises failed but the magazine was, arguably, shut down by the imam who took Ezra to “court” and Sun’s failure wasn’t his fault, either. Anyone who saw Ezra on Sun saw a guy leaving it all on the stage every night, trying to be crazy and original and daring. He’s also written bestselling books, is in demand as a speaker and so on.

    • Ezra did not fail. He raised a lot of questions about the media party to me. Sun News failed in my opinion because of the monopoly of the media. They are in control of the Canadian Press and the CRTC.

    • Terry Rudden says:

      He definitely deserves a footnote in media history for demonstrating that the propaganda strategies popularized by Michael Moore – ideological editorials disguised as “journalism” and spiced up with equal measures of theatrical rage and humour – could be borrowed and adapted by the right.

      • Dallas says:

        Ezra has been very effective in fighting the inversion of right and wrong as a result of extreme interpretations of “progressive” thought and the enforcement of its p-c dogma. The proof of his effectiveness is the generalizes hatred he attracts with a conspicuous absence of effective counter-debate on the specifics of any of the issued he analyzes and comments on.

        Two ideas come to mind:

        1) As Reagan said (ibid.): The concepts of “right” and “left in politics are incorrect – it’s more honest to describe this divide as a continuum on the “up” versus “down” on a scale of morality.

        2) If you want to anger a conservative, tell him a lie. If you want to anger a radical leftist (aka “progressive”, “liberal”), tell him the truth.

  4. Maikeru says:

    Some men take lessons, others give them.
    Ezra’s a giver with oak leaf cluster.

    Levant/Western Standard were on top of the Muslim cartoon issue, which, alongside Steyn/Maclean’s triple crown win, ultimately exposed and defanged a bureaucracy founded for the sole purpose of herding public opinion by ‘wolfpacking’ strays.

    Levant’s ‘Ethical Oil’ made ‘tar sands’ an anarchic phrase.
    Levant’s Kookbook includes nourishing natives and scalloping scoundrels.

    In a perfect world, Ezra would be made President of CBC, and the ensuing clamour would give Parliament cause to revisit the matter of state-funded media.

  5. Terry Rudden says:

    Whatever happened to Ezra’s “Union of Bloggers” – that undefined entity he was soliciting donations for shortly after the failure of the Western Standard?

  6. Terry Rudden says:

    Just checked the rebellious new site and screened Ezra’s little “Who Killed Sun Media” piece. I wouldn’t have thought a self-exculpatory obituary was the most promising launch for a “rebellious” new service, but it’s good to see how much his production values, post-Sun, have improved; at least he’s no longer surrounded by what always looked to me like one of the stranger, more lurid Japanese game shows.

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