SCOTUS ends debate before it bored us to death

Legal scholars are having a little bit of trouble with the “reasoning” in the US Supreme Court’s decision legalizing gay marriage. It was not, frankly, the Supreme Court’s finest jurisprudential hour and the precedent of reading into the constitution rights which were well outside the Founder’s intention is unlikely to end well. No matter.

I have long thought gay marriage should be legal. Canada has had it for a decade and has, so far, not collapsed like Rome before the Visigoths. Once legalized gay marriage is mercifully no longer much discussed. Base appealing GOP candidate seem to think one badly reasoned Supreme Court decision should lead to the election of Supreme Court Justices, or a Constitutional Amendment or, possibly, just a general hissy fit. They are thereby denying that base, and the rest of America, a break from hearing about the overarching importance of gay marriage to the well being of America. Believe me, not having to hear about it is blissful.

Of course there are always going to be people deciding that this is the starting gate for the slippery slope to, well, it is not clear what lies beneath but it is pretty sure to be awful like little old ladies marrying their cats or people marrying more than one person at once rather than serially like decent people do. And what about the children?

Call me crazy but it is really no one’s business but their own.

Of course, for some of my socon friends this really is the hill to die for. Family! Religion! What’s in the Bible! Children!

Unfortunately for the socons the gay marriage ship has sailed. Politically intelligent people will wish it Bon Voyage and get on with the things which matter like ISIS, climate change bullshit, building smaller government. Really smart political people will be talking about robots and AI and autonomous cars and the materials revolution and the culture of abundance. Those are real political issues. Gay marriage, like the Confederate Flag and trans everything are distractions.

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3 thoughts on “SCOTUS ends debate before it bored us to death

  1. “Call me crazy but it is really no one’s business but their own.”

    Well, no. Gay marriage isn’t just about homosexual unions; it’s about changing the zeitgeist of society, about normalization and marginalization. If we gently wander off into a sissified future in which no masculine virtues are promoted; rest assured other more fecund and violent societies will cut us down like wheat in September. How telling, how exactly like this, were the bodies of fat, white Europeans shot where they were sunbathing in Tunisia by a slim, young, fanatic.

    This is the future unless we find a way to recover our vigour, morality and nurseries. No young fighting-age males with a warrior mentality means the end to everything, not just “robots and AI and autonomous cars and the materials revolution and the culture of abundance.”

    People who think they can dodge demographics, religion and reproduction are in for a terrible, and bloody, surprise.

  2. Jay Currie says:

    Frank, I am afraid that the zeitgeist has already changed. If you choose to participate in the creaking wreckage of Western society you have to put up with fat, complacent, teachers telling your children that even pretending to have a gun is evil, we’re all going to fry because of global warming, that gay marriage is the essential issue of our time and that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam.

    Meanwhile, at the Currie dinner table last night, my 11 year old brought up gay marriage as a news topic and we had fun discussing the dissents in the SCOTUS decision. I was able to suggest that the state should have nothing to do with marriage period without having to deal with SJWs or officious teachers. My 14 year old wondered whether I agreed with the Roberts dissent or the Scalia dissent or both and why. Then, for warrior fun we took the BB gun and shot at a beer can at thirty yards by moonlight. (My old eyes lost badly.)

    “We” are not going to find a way to recover our vigour, morality and nurseries. Rather, family by family, people are going to walk away from the ignorance, political correctness and general pussification of mainstream society. They are going to teach their children at home, figure out how to make a living without unacceptable compromise, puzzle out a moral code for their children and create strong, intelligent, well educated, moral children.

    It is really the only thing to do.

    • I share your analysis of the problem, but not the solution. Individuals can never stand against determined groups. Therefore, it behooves us to align ourselves with like-minded individuals and form groups who will be able to stand against the tide. You might like the Council of European Canadians blog and mailing list in this regard.

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