Greeks Again – Send in the Colonels

The voting is nearly over and in a few hours we will know if the Greeks have voted to accept the EU cnditions or soldier on into what the EU seems to think is the void.

Were I Greek I would vote against the EU but, and it is a big but, not in favour of the leftie lunatics who seem to be running the place at the moment.

Greece is in a horrible position created by a series of governments which were willing to spend money Greece did not and does not have. To deal with this Greece needs to declare effective bankruptcy. With all that entails. A lot of pain, likely food and drug and energy shortages, almost certainly deaths. Austerity is coming whether with the EU’s blessing or not.

My own view is that it is better for Greece to bite this bullet on its own. The Euro and the EU are simply going to make the process longer and more painful. But, unfortunately, Greece is ruled by a bunch of university communists who have not the slightest clue how to get Greece going again. Getting rid of these pests is Job#1 for a post plebiscite Greece.

Done well, the default can bring Greece prosperity in a couple of years. But those years are going to be very tough. Having a bunch of Chavistas in charge will make the process all the tougher.

Six months out it is going to make a lot of sense for one of those good, old fashioned, Greek coups to occur. Are there still Colonels in Greece?

Sadly, rooting out the corruption which has driven Greece to the wall is unlikely to be a democratically popular idea. There will be whines about democracy which will be very justified; but to wean a country from a now defunct public teat is never going to be pretty. The Germans will be blamed, so will the EU; but, for Greece, the only solution will be to impose the end of the leftist experiment.

A no vote will be the beginning, the end is up to Greeks able to face a very unpleasant reality.


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