A Campaign Suggestion for Mrs. Clinton

hillary clinton, iran treatyTo date Hilly’s campaign has been sub par. Not awful but hardly inspiring. She ducks questions, herds compliant media, promises to “fight” for ordinary Americans and over uses her insanely annoying pointy finger. An ancient backwoods Vermont socialist is in a position to beat her in a couple of primaries. At the moment she is no more than a “meh” in the electoral sweepstakes.

She’s waffled on today’s Iran Nuke treaty, supporting but wanting to talk about enforcement. Which is a sensible first response to a complex insturment. But what if, on careful reading, she were to come out and denounce the treaty and say she would be working hard for its defeat in Congress. Basically say, “As a former Secretary of State who launched the negotiations leading to this treaty, on reading it in detail, I have to say none of my goals have been met. Sadly my successor has bought a pup.”

That sort of pivot is doable for the next couple of news cycles.

Realistically, no one likes this POS. Obama loyalists have to pretend to but most are not convinced it is a good deal for America. What if Hilly stood up and said so?

Running against a lame duck President from her own party on national security grounds would be a gutsy move. It would define her campaign in a way that endless talk about banning Uber is never going to. It would define her as a Democrat who put America first. And it would give her real talking point for the next sixty days. If she has any passion it could be on display as she fights to have Congress reject the treaty and then over-ride Obama’s veto.

Would she believe in what she was doing? Actually, she probably would. But, more importantly, by taking a stand on a serious issue, against an Islamic state which has never been America’s friend, she would set herself apart from an increasingly unpopular Democratic President and, by hounding Congress, would show the fight she claims to have.

It would take guts. It is very unlikely to happen. But Hilly could climb out of the cesspool of Democratic “go along to get along” politics once and for all.

Which would give people a reason to actually vote for her, something she lacks at the moment.


One thought on “A Campaign Suggestion for Mrs. Clinton

  1. dddddancetotheradio says:

    Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi.

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