Winter is Coming

global warming, AGW

Oh Dear….

You see those little lines up there? the blue one goes down the green one is flat. Well those are the trends of the satellite temperature measurements for the last couple of decades.

CO2 up, temperature flat or declining.

The nest time a Canadian politician talks about cap and trade or carbon taxes ask him (or her) when was the last time the worldwide satellite temperature gauges showed any warming.

Bet they won’t answer. Because they don’t know and it’s our job to tell them.

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One thought on “Winter is Coming

  1. peterodonnell says:

    This El Nino might create another spike like we had in 1997-98 and that will get all the hamsters running madly around in their little wheels. Our BC govt should be able to parlay that into a further 30 cents a litre weather-changing tax. There will be eight-lane bike superhighways and a kayak only lane from Victoria to Saanich. Sea level will rise a further millimetre and the folks in the Maldives will need thicker soles for their sandals.

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