False Hope

migrants, europe, syrian“Why are they stopping us now? We came to Europe because we saw the Germans on TV telling us they wanted us to come to Europe, saying welcome, welcome,” said Mohammed, 28, who worked at a cellphone shop in Aleppo, Syria, and spent a night at the hotel in Zagreb. “And now there are all these problems and all this confusion.” washington post

There is a difference between giving respite to refugees from a war zone and offering economic opportunities to economically desperate people. Both are laudable but huge trouble can erupt when one is conflated with the other.

With refugees the objective is to get them out of harms way and to take care of them. This can be achieved pretty much anywhere that is not in danger of direct attack. So, for example, the displaced Syrians in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon are all in relative safety. They need to be taken care of but that is a matter of money and logistics.

Taking on economic migrants is about what those migrants have to offer and what the host country needs. No country needs more welfare recipients. Most European countries could use young, well trained, workers as their populations are aging and their birth rates falling. But to get those workers these countries need to be selective.

The tragedy in Syria – where the civilian population is trapped in a multi-dimensional war zone – has created refugees and economic migrants. But the Europeans persist in the illusion that all the people heading north should be considered refugees.

There will be a bitter day of reckoning when this illusion is exposed. bitter for the Euros who were sucked in by their governing classes and bitter for the economic migrants who will discover that the skills they have, are not the skills which the German economic juggernaut can really use. The Euros, and especially the Germans, need to eliminate the sloppy thinking and loose language which are luring people like the poor Syrian quoted to a bleak future in countries which do not want or need them.

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One thought on “False Hope

  1. peterodonnell says:

    This human tide has the ability to satisfy any narrative. If you’re looking for victims and oppressed, downtrodden, etc, no problem. If you select the opportunists on the march theme, just the fact that they get so far with so many cell phones feeds that fire. If you’re more concerned about an invasion of sleeper cell crazies waiting for the Mahdi’s command or whatever (I consider it somewhat of a badge of honour to be bad at Muslim theology details) then the preponderance of young men seems ominous.

    I imagine that it’s a combination of all of these things, and sometimes in the one person. We’ve all met the immigrant with a case against our society that is not that unfairly brought to bear, yet what are we to do, all quit our jobs and hand them over to the latest arrivals?

    One notes that our chances of just walking into Saudi Arabia or even Morocco (which are considerably nicer places than much of Canada in January) are zero. We could play any of those sympathy cards but we’d be bundled onto the next plane home if we were lucky enough not to be test cases for the newest forms of torture.

    It would square a circle if these migrants would in fact select another Muslim country. If Allah is all this merciful and benevolent, then how come his followers don’t have the faintest concept of charity? Maybe it’s something about the sound system.

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