The Peasants Are Revolting

Over at Dr. Dawgs full on Harper Derangement is the order of the day:

Good to know our caring government under feminist Stephen Harper is keeping tabs on barbaric cultural practices, by turning us (by which I guess I mean “old stock Canadians,” so, alas, I am not in their number, although being born in the UK may carry honorary status) into a nation of informers.

Let me put in parentheses my previous comments on this bone-headed, nugatory notion. Let us focus instead upon the drift of this election campaign, and Stephen Harper’s increasingly racist overtures to the unwashed. Dr.Dawg

I commented:

Oh Dear the “yokels” and the “unwashed”, being thoroughly unenlightened, are failing in their duty to follow the lead of their betters and have noticed that there may be a few issues with mass Muslim immigration. Disgusting.

Worse, that spiv Harper doesn’t even have the grace and breeding to use dogwhistles in herding his flock. The dreadful man is throwing raw meat to the rubes and, to no one’s great surprise those Ill-educated reactionaries and rednecks are eating it up. There is, I fear, a very real danger that the 80% of bigoted Canadians (90% in the idiot reaches of Quebec) will take this opportunity to try to undo forty years of enlighted immigration and refugee policy by voting for those revolting CPC candidates.

The Wal-Mart classes are restless.Time to clutch the pink pearls and person the checkpoints surrounding the nicer, leafier, bastions of tolerance in Canada’s more sophisticated urban centers. Lock down the common rooms and charcuterie bars, disguise your Prius and avoid being seen with your Said (or books of any sort really): the proles are on the move.

And remember, if those plumbers, rig workers, housewives (I know, but they still exist in the more primitive rural villages), shop owners, IT pros, nail techs and farmers get the bit between their teeth, they threaten every bit of the Trudeaupian progress we have made in the last fifty years.

I have to say I am not entirely surprised. Calling the majority of the population yokels, the unwashed, bigots, racists, homophobes and Islamophobes every time they failed to understand that the progressive agenda was for their own good has, perhaps, alienated them from progressive leadership. Lecturing them from the ramparts of big media – the CBC, the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star – year after year without a dissenting voice has, I’m afraid, left them impervious to reason. In fact, strictly between ourselves, having the bien pensantalternating between insulting and ignoring them has left many “old stock”, white, rural, suburban and even working class urban Canadians vulnerable to precisely the sort of base appeal Harper is making right now.

Here’s the really bad news: while it may not be apparent in our enclaves, there are many more of these dreadful people than you can possibly imagine. Despite all our hard work, our successful march through the institutions, our success in prohibiting discussion of consensus topics, our increasing ability to exclude opposing points of view from the media, the great white blob of recalcitrants remains embedded in the fabric of the nation.

The beast Harper looked vulnerable at the beginning of this campaign. After all, no one we knew would think of voting for the thug. But Haper has a low, animal, cunning. He is unafraid of the great white blob. He has been seen at hockey rinks at 6 in the morning and obviously buys his suits in some dreadful mall. His wife has stayed at home with the children. He is, obviously, one of them. He does not need to dogwhistle – the blob knows its own.

So, beware. The unwashed, the yokels, the bigots and the rubes have been summoned. All we can hope for is that, once they have vented their fury on niqab wearers they will resume their slumber. The alternative is simply too awful to contemplate.

8 thoughts on “The Peasants Are Revolting

  1. Maikeru says:

    our success in prohibiting discussion of consensus topics,

    this exception proves the rule…bravo…=)

  2. peterodonnell says:

    I have no time for this tactic, it seems to me that the Cons have decided to roll the dice on stirring up some unrest, probably what they hope for is that some angry Muslim will do something actionable in the week or two before the vote, and assist in the narrative about security, Papa Harper keeping us safe, and C-51 being a good thing.

    You could say this is his form of disruption, and he will claim it had nothing to do with him when that (now more or less inevitable) action takes place. And where will it take place? Probably among the very people who Harper seeks to arouse, but nowhere near his gated home. I live in one of those parts of town where immigrants seek their fortune, perhaps one of them will see me one day, and say “hey he looks a bit like Harper (I do, more like Mulcair though) let’s chop his head off.” This will no doubt set off wild celebrations all over the blogosphere, you’ve got to hand it to me, I solved the riddle that no other man could solve, how to get everybody in every part of the body politic to hate my guts. I hate them too, they are too extensive. 🙂

    The niqab was a relatively minor issue that could have been brought up some time ago, or after the election. A real statesman would not have done this.

    Of course they have no credibility over at the other place, but they start from a correct isolated fact before (again inevitably) going off into various forms of hyperbole.

    The other thing that seems really odd about this is that the Harper government has made very little effort to reduce Muslim immigration in the past nine years. How credible is this election tactic in light of that? If they thought we were flooding the country with incompatible immigrants, why didn’t they bring up the issue and put a stop to it? The truth is, they know that without fertile Muslim and Asian immigrants, there will be nobody left to pay taxes by 2030, all the “old stock” young adults want to do is hug trees not each other.

    I am going to have a bit of old stock now, this election is making it flow very freely around the O’Donnellate. A pox on all their houses in this sordid business of an election.

  3. peterodonnell says:

    Would have to say, also, that the opposition walked right into this trap with their sanctimonious opening salvo about the need for Canada to take in unlimited numbers of Syrian (and unspoken but inevitable) Libyan refugees. They gambled that a large majority would agree, Canadian values demand that we appear more generous and sympathetic than anyone else, even the Germans (now there’s a gold standard in empathy, the Germans, yeah right).

    This was a dumb idea, to hitch your election hopes on an issue that meant almost nothing to the vast majority of people, and was a natural irritant to be exploited. And once the Cons brought in that Aussie troublemaker, the trouble was easier than beating Canada at rugby.

    Which, in case you don’t know, is easier than hating me. And that’s a low bar.

  4. Cytotoxic says:

    The Trumpmania south of the border demonstrates that the ‘common folk’ really do have nothing of value to add to the conversation. The Elite exists for a reason: most people are just too dumb to be of value beyond shovelling sh*t under the direction of smarter people. The problem is that The Elite have sucked for a long time now. At least they kept our immigration somewhat open.

  5. peterodonnell says:

    wow, the illuminati post here? I am in exalted company.

  6. […] Jay Currie has a bit of fun at the expense of poor folks suffering from sudden-onset Harper Derangement Syndrome: […]

  7. ironyabounds says:

    Informing is not cool? Is the Dawg and Phony show similarly upset over the tax snitch line? Let me guess…oh, the irony!

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