Win the Election, Lose the Speech #elxn42

I think Harper looked relieved. He’s done. He may find honour in history, he may not. Hard to say. Difficult to put a finger on the great achievements of the Harper era. “Not sinking the boat” is, of course, a good thing; it is not the stuff of legend. Delighted he resigned; but, typically, he didn’t mention that in his speech.

But then we had Justin. Complete with namaste bobbing, beautiful wife. He had the one great opportunity politics affords a man. He had won an national election convincingly. Seats, so far as I can tell, in every province. The NDP destroyed, the CPC humbled. This was his night.

He gave a speech of profound vacuity. There was no there there. He was tired, he was hoarse, he was out of ideas before he even starts the job. “In Canada the better is always possible.” Really? Really? Is that all you have Justin?

I forced my kids to listen to this speech on the assumption that a triumphant politician would give the speech of his life and that is always worth watching. This wasn’t. This was a platitude stacked on a cliche drizzled in a woo woo syrup; we spoke, he listened, he’ll keep listening..


7 thoughts on “Win the Election, Lose the Speech #elxn42

  1. Leslie says:

    This was a post of profound vacuity.

    • derek says:

      Here they come, the self righteous arbiters of all that is right. The decade long respite from the incessant preaching Liberals has come to an end.

      I fully expect to be shocked at how stupid Trudeau is.

    • Dwayne says:

      Here let me fix that for you Leslie:

      “That was a speech of profound vacuity.”

      Fits more in the spirit of the post, which was spot on.

  2. “I fully expect to be shocked at how stupid Trudeau is.”

    I don’t.

    • derek says:

      You are more optimistic than I. I fully expect to be swarmed with bureaucrats in my business, to see tax rates go higher, and the rules heavier. I fully expect that a bunch of social justice stuff will be pushed on us all. He will borrow and spend simply to rebuild the Liberal bureaucracy. I expect the thought police will be at full force.

      Past that I think we will be surprised at the depths of vacuity we will see.

  3. peterodonnell says:

    We now have a government of baristas and solicitors, the perfect union of the clueless with the cynical. Rather how Justin came into this world.

  4. peterodonnell says:

    Those of us who are concerned about getting sucked further into the web of globalism and climate hysteria (“oh no, the glacier was here last summer, now I have to walk a good fifty feet to touch it, what will I dooooo?”) must scramble the jets (otherwise inactive anyway) because the whole circus of our doomed state is heading to Paris (and what bad things have ever happened to heads of state in Paris?) — and we have no coherent opposition to their ill-defined pilgrimage to the shrine of Gaia.

    I will try to be diplomatic here — 70% of this country appears to be borderline deranged and living in a permanent state of delusion, and to make it worse, that’s exactly what they think of the other 30%. It would be easier for seven people, albeit progressives, to harass three conservatives, albeit armed, than vice versa, doncha think? And that is going to start happening pretty soon if we get much further down this slippery slope to eco-fascism and the quack science that supports it.

    Warmer my ass, and not in a progressive way. I will try to say it one last time — they’re coming to take them away, hee-hee (close the borders, close the damn borders).

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