I live in a little place far away from the hubbub of the cities.  For the last few weeks when the conversation rolled around to the election every single person I talked to went out of their way to say something negative about Harper.

Which is how elections are lost.

7 thoughts on “Soundings

  1. Dwayne says:

    You can chalk that up to the media, in my opinion. When every story on the news and in the papers is negative how can you fight that? When a government issues press releases and they are all but ignored or placed on page D38, how do you counter the information blitz? And then compare the coverage of Trudeau by the media, all sweetness and light. Puffball questions, flattering comparisons, and extra coverage that should have been considered campaign contributions they were so one sided. Another big loser in the election was Mulcair. The media tanked so hard for Trudeau that all of the ABCers went Liberal, it seems. Mulcair could not find the right note to hit with them, and so was left in the dust.

    History will be kinder to Harper than it will be to any of our most recent Liberal PMs. The irrational hate that was directed his way had no counterbalance except outside of Canada, but most Canadians are as bad as Americans when it comes to knowing what is happening outside of North America. We are an admired country, stable, strong, and reliable to our allies.

    • Cytotoxic says:

      Please. It’s very simple: Harper was a lousy PM for the most part, a bad strategist, and his campaign was a joke. “Marijuana is infinitely more dangerous than tobacco!” “Barbaric cultural practices hotline!” -Ridiculous

      I guess we’re going to hear CPC partisans cry and moan about how unfair life is to them. Easier than asking tough questions.

  2. Dwayne says:

    Probably tldr for you but here:

    This guy makes a few good points on the CBC and their coverage.

    “Even more telling is a juxtaposition of the CBC’s headlines of its hero and villian. Here are some effusive headlines from the CBC’s Trudeau puff pieces: “Justin Trudeau shows love for Montreal Canadiens,” “Trudeau commits $900M to boost high-tech innovation,” “Trudeau slams Mulcair and Harper for attacks on father’s record,” “Justin Trudeau promises to make family reunification easier for immigrants,” “Justin Trudeau takes back seat to ‘star’ candidates in new Liberal ad,” “Justin Trudeau stakes his claim to prove he’s the true anti-Harper candidate,” “Trudeau vows to bring back long form census, restore respect for public service, end Harper ‘war on science,’” “Trudeau cites his daughter as a reason for Elizabeth May to join debate,” “A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, Justin Trudeau hammers Harper on ‘old-stock’” and “Justin Trudeau built for speed and risk, says snowboarding pal.” These are not cherry-picked articles, but run-of-the-mill spin churned from the Mother Corp.

    Yet, even when the gaffe-prone Trudeau slips, the CBC comes to his aid. “Justin Trudeau leaves some deficit wiggle room” was the euphemistic headline the broadcaster chose after Trudeau flip-flopped within the span of a week from promising to keep balanced budgets to declaring to run three large consecutive deficits if in power.”

    The media train could barely contain their glee after the polls closed and Atlantic Canada was 100% in the tank. I turned off CTV at that point as the self congratulatory tone was nauseating. I didn’t bother with the CBC as I knew what I would find there.

    So, say what you will, facts are there and indisputable.

  3. peterodonnell says:

    Sunny Ways — that sounds rather like the sort of title a communist bureaucrat would give a relocation program. But maybe it’s just the retirement home where Jean Chretien got dropped off after doing his last work for The Party.

    The East is Red, comrades. Suck it up, we survived Trudeau the First, surely his idiot son cannot be worse? It’s not like Obama is worse than Carter, is it?

    I have the feeling this will get ugly in a hurry. Harper was an irritant to authentic conservatives, he seemed ambiguous about the need to confront political correctness, and one never knew whether he was really in charge of the party, or the party was in charge of him, so it left us puzzled about who to force out, one guy or most of them.

    Now it may become clearer (my guess is, most of them). But when I say it will get ugly, I mean, now the soft communists are in charge. This won’t be ambiguous at all. Like Obama, this government will lurch into misguided scold politics that cannot work in the real world. They can’t even work in Ontario.

  4. peterodonnell says:

    Pravda has greeted our new election with this high praise: “his father was a loyal servant of the Soviet Union.”

    This fact should perhaps be explored at greater length by our Opposition now that they have so much less to do.

    By the way, in case anyone didn’t already know, this fact was known to me from quite an early age, and I had assumed most Canadians knew this as well, although I believe they stored the realization somewhere that cognition cannot reach. There’s a lot stored there, might be time to clean house.

    • Terry Rudden says:

      LOL. Nice insertion of the word “servant” into your quote, Peter. A lie, of course, but MUCH more dramatic.

      • peterodonnell says:

        Supporter, friend, servant — with the USSR all hands on deck. Not sure who you’re saying is “lying” but for me, being friendly with communists has no shades of grey. Certainly the same logic is always used against conservatives who even shook hands once with any kind of Hitlerite. But maybe you meant Pravda was lying — and with a title like that! It defies the very essence of socialist realism, comrade.

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