2.65 Billion: It’s Harper’s Fault

Assorted rightie bloggers are expressing their outrage that Trudeau has committed Canada to spending 2.65 billion dollars helping 3rd world kleptocracies “fight climate change”.

As I said at Kate’s and repeated at BCF,


However, the real problem lies with Harper and the Cons not digging in and discrediting the global warming farce while they had a majority. 20 million tossed at sceptical researchers – ideally led by Steve MacIntyre – and the whole scam could have been buried forever.

Instead, Harper and the Cons pretended that global warming was a thing. They didn’t actually do anything about it; but they did not use their time in government to demolish the Green Blob.

20 million versus 2.65 billion simply because the Conservatives were chickenshits.

Harper might have had an excuse with the minorities. He had no excuse with a majority. He knew the science was bogus and the economics laughable. But he wanted to avoid offending the climate true believers. So he punted the file and we are stuck with 2.65 billion now and carbon taxes and, Lord knows, what else.

A twenty million dollar Commission looking at the science and the economics could have torpedoed the crazier claims of the warmists and built a solid wall of science preventing Trudeau and Dion and the other dimwits from fashionably screwing the economy.

Harper lacked the courage of his convictions on this file and many others. Good riddance.

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4 thoughts on “2.65 Billion: It’s Harper’s Fault

  1. JohnnyD says:

    Two or three billion is just a start, to see who blinks. You are right. We have been let down. Only the Republicans can save us now

  2. Terry Rudden says:

    The problem with argument from authority is:
    (a) you’re conceding that authority will be the ultimate arbiter. If so: you lose.
    (b) you’re also admitting the credibility of the “authority” as as a consideration (instead of simply their “findings”. Not sure how you feel about “scientific” theories from creationists: that tends to raise a bit of a red flag for me.

  3. peterodonnell says:

    It’s a pension fund for the global public sector. When they figure the funding is secure around 2020-2025, they will announce victory over the atmosphere as “scientists” now agree that the warming will be held down to under 2 degrees (their phoney target that they have been advised off the books cannot be broken).

    It is the biggest fraud in human history and one of its consequences is to destroy the integrity of one branch of science, a virus which is sure to spread at least into other social sciences since those are equally ideological. Another consequence is to spread a mass delusion, a good test for future (and other already extant) delusions, such as equality of cultures and religions.

    Donald Trump exists mainly because this insanity has gone too far, an equal and opposite reaction seems to be the only way back to sanity. But even the Donald is a bit quiet on this issue. How long will it be before speech such as ours is declared criminal (because it supposedly threatens the planet)? Just watch them.

    • peterodonnell says:

      I can’t edit, can I? … in the above, my “now” agree should probably read “then” agree. An understandable error, I am from the future.

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