Main Event

Hippo_fightJust for fun, imagine that The Donald wins the GOP nomination and that Hilly avoids jail long enough to win the Democratic nod…then Debates.

Donald: You lied to the American People about Benghazi.

Hilly: Did not. Prove it. Bigot. War on Women.

Donald: You said (reference – which Trump will get right) there were no forces available to protect the compound. There were.

Hilly: Video. Planned Parenthood. Inequality. And those Black Lives really do matter. Fascist.

Donald: You’re a real piece of work.

Hilly: Bankrupt. Fake hair. 1%. Europe.

Donald: Obama. You were his Secretary of State. Monica, Paula, Gennifer (etc)…Clinton Foundation bribes.

Hilly: Global warming! Muslims! My sweet Huna…Rosebud.

I was saying to my sainted 90-year-old, sharp as a box of tacks, mother tonight that I watch American politics primarily for the entertainment value. This season looks to be must watch TV.




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