“Basket of deplorables” said the scold

Hilly is not having a great time on the trail. At this point in the proceedings she is supposed to be pulling away from the vulgar Mr. Trump. Instead her campaign from the 1990’s is trying to push buttons which were disconnected twenty years ago.

“basket of deplorables” is a silly thing to have said. Silly because it is never wise for a candidate to attack or insult the electorate but also silly because of the tone.

“deplorable” is a church lady sort of a word. Right up there with “appropriate”. It assumes a moral high ground. It is not an argument, it is a scold’s judgement. It smacks of a woman clutching her pearls and asking, no one in particular, “Who let those dreadful people in?”

That sort of attitude is unpleasant when it comes from demonstrably morally superior people; but when it comes from a person with Hilly’s history it is insufferable.

The backlash is predictable: a lot of Americans will wear “deplorable” as a badge of honour. A lot more will be asking themselves “Who appointed this deeply flawed woman the moral arbiter of America?”

Dumping a substantial fraction of the American electorate into a “deplorable” basket reflects the fact the left in America has mistaken smug self satisfaction for a political argument. People who might think that black people need to take some responsibility for their situation or who are not wild about uncontrolled immigration or who notice the name Mohammad figuring prominently in reports of terror attacks will react badly to being dumped in the deplorable basket. The question is how many Americans hold one or more of those views? Because that is Hilly’s test: do you believe something I do not? If you do you are a deplorable person. It is a simple and devastating sneer.

My suspicion is that Trump will have a lot of fun with Hilly’s tone deaf, moral superiority.

“Deplorable” is the language of scolds and Hilly certainly fits the description of “Scold in Chief”. If she keeps sneering at the American electorate Trump wins in a walk.

Update: Hilly realized she stepped in it and issued a, what, not an apology. Perhaps a clarification. She seems to have “short circuited”.


The woman really is shameless in her entitlement.


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3 thoughts on ““Basket of deplorables” said the scold

  1. derek says:

    My reaction was that she is losing her base and this was for them. I put this in the same category as the predictable as clockwork Liberals seeing a shaky Ontario start bashing the west. It was a last ditch effort in the last few days.

    Hillary is doing it with 60 days left.

    The FBI thing is a stench that won’t go away. I suspect lots of people are thankful that Assange is leaking this stuff, otherwise they would have to.

  2. Terry Rudden says:

    “Deplorable” seems a pretty good descriptor for people who actually, seriously believe you can shut out immigrants with a wall, exclude newcomers on the basis of their religion alone, turn a woman’s cough into a campaign issue, and create an America that truly resembles a warm, fuzzy amalgam of Disneyland, “Father Knows Best”, and “Atlas Shrugged”.

  3. Jay Currie says:

    Derek, I think that is about right. The sit in the bunker and lob grenades at Trump strategy was working right up until Trump end runned the bunker and reached out to minority voters. Now she’s trying Project Fear to keep the herd together.

    Terry, we’ll disagree. A wall will shut out a fair proportion of illegals, a moratorium on Muslim immigration has long been the position of this wee blog, the poor woman is obviously quite ill and there is a yearning for a more stable, gentler, world which existed in the 50’s and 60’s but seems to be done now. There is nothing deplorable about any of that as the Scold in Chief well knows. Which is why she is running so scared.

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