For the Good of My Country…

My fellow Americans.

By now many of you have seen video of my episode at the 9/11 Memorial.

This was a seizure and, I am sorry to say, not the first which I have had. My doctors believed that they had this problem under control. Unfortunately they were wrong.

My prognosis is guarded but good. Adjustments to medication, a good deal of rest and limited stress should make this a manageable problem.

However, as I know only too well, campaigning for President, much less being President, leaves no time for rest and is possibly the highest stress job in the world. While I believe I would have been an excellent President I have to face facts. I am not healthy enough to be the President my country deserves.

So, today, I have tendered my resignation as the Democratic Party’s Presidential nominee. It will be up to my Party to pick the man or woman who will beat Donald Trump in November. Whomever is selected will have my unqualified support.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the millions of people who voted for me in the Democratic primaries, who worked so hard to elect our first female President. And I particularly want to thank my daughter Chelsea and my husband Bill for being with me.

Thank you.


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3 thoughts on “For the Good of My Country…

  1. Bob Smith says:

    I hope to see this in the NY Times in the morning.

    Thanks for the good news.

  2. Ed Minchau says:

    What did Napoleon say about opponents’ mistakes?

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