It was sunny in Vancouver.

I could look down Dunbar Street right to the airport and see a hundred planes where there were never any.

I was going to pull cash from the bank machine because I had been woken up by my elder son who announced “A plane crashed into the World Trade Center.” Air traffic was stopped. That explained the planes.

Fifteen years on, more than a few mistakes, and the threat has only grown.

Al Qaeda morphed into ISIS. The Muslim street grew angrier. Outrages occurred throughout Europe and in North America. They were driven by Islam. The great and the good have no clue how to deal with any of it. They are frightened to call Islamic terror by name. They ask us not to be Islamophobic. And they flood our countries, our nations, with Muslim refugees.

Between now and the American election I expect there will be at least on Islamic terrorist attack in the West. The ladies of Paris point the way.

Denial is not working fifteen years on. This is a civilizational battle. Political Islam is the enemy. Understanding that is critical. But equally critical is understanding that there is really no such thing as non-political Islam.

You would think we’d be awake by now.

But we’re not.
















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