Odd: The Lie Direct?

If a 68 year old woman collapses in a public place wouldn’t your first move be to take her to the hospital?

It is not as if Hilly felt light headed. She lost consciousness.

Why would you not take her to the hospital? Well the problem with hospitals is that there are a bunch of doctors and nurses who will make their own assessment of the patient. And, given the prominence of the patient, they will be asked questions by the press. (Update: Apparently I was right when I wrote this. Campaign staff diverted from hospital to Chelsea’s.)

But if you take the patient to her daughter’s home and deal with the issues there? No independent doctors, no nurses, no press conference: just a lovely staged picture of an apparently well woman doing a selfie with a small child.

Then you can put out the pneumonia story as if, by some oversight, you forgot to mention it back on Friday when the diagnoses came through. Pneumonia covers a lot of ground and give you the excuse to keep Hilly out of sight for a few days.

I expect that Hilly has pneumonia. But there is a cause for that and the Clinton campaign is desperate to keep that cause secret. Which is what will finish Hilly if she does not have the grace to resign the nomination. Not the crime, its the cover-up. If there is an underlying and serious condition Hillary will have told the lie direct to the American people. The emails and the Foundation are complicated and while they should be serious are not well understood by the vast majority of the electorate.

But if Hilly told the lie direct about her health she will have proven she cannot be trusted. And that is the end of her.


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One thought on “Odd: The Lie Direct?

  1. aide says:

    In fact you don’t touch someone who’s unconscious, it could cause brain damage. First rule of first aid which we try to teach children. Leave them on the ground, or put them gently there, and slide gently into “recovery position”: face and belly down, mouth sideways, one arm one leg out to the side bent. This maximises blood flow to the brain. Hillary is setting a terrible example, pure negligence.

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