Can Clinton Win?

Polls are tightening up. Mook is sending out emails to donors suggesting that there is a 40% chance of a Trump victory. The MSM has been reduced to talking about the “Wide Spread Condemnation of Donald Trump Jr.’s Skittles Analogy”. Hilly herself cancelled a fundraiser today without any explanation. The Donald suggested she “sleep well”. The most heavily anticipated American political debate pretty much ever is less than a week away. So, can Hilly win?

The Donald is pretty much even, if not a little ahead, nationally in the polls. His battleground state numbers are improving and there is a bit of momentum being built. The Electoral College is in flux with the Hilly landslide turning into a cliff hanger. But can Hilly win?

Of course she can. In fact, at the moment, Mook is right and Trump has no more than a 40% chance of winning. 60/40 are big odds.

What Hilly has to do to win is to begin to put points on the board. Instead of trying to protect her lead she needs to extend it. She needs to go into the first debate loaded for bear and pull the trigger over and over until there is nothing left on the stage but a bright orange corpse. She knows so much more than The Donald. She’s “been in the room” when murder has been committed on behalf of the United States. She has had the 3:00 AM phone call from Benghazi. She is so qualified that, if she loses, every HR lady in the US will throw up.

As I write, Hilly is going to win. She has to win because, with all her faults, her dishonesty, her criminal behaviour, her catching breaks from the FBI and Justice, her weird twitches and occasional full on seizure, she is the only candidate who understands Washington and can play in the “Bigs”. She knows where the bodies are buried (may have buried some herself), how money flows, how deals are done.

Trump, compared to Hilly, is just a rube. A babe in the Washington woods. No clue about how things are done. No idea that you can’t just bomb the living shit out of ISIS because, well, civilians. And environmental damage. ¬†He’s so dumb he thinks the American President should put America first.

Faced with that, after a few minutes of reflection, and despite actually not liking the woman, American voters, especially those in battleground states who have lost their jobs to H1-B and H2-B replacement workers, could be persuaded that Trump is trouble. That he is going to rock their sinking boats.

To date, Hilly’s campaign has had a Wall of policy with many bullet points each addressing a micro-slice of a carefully focus-grouped and surveyed public. No broad brush here, Hilly is a pointillist with a bit of pigment for every, tiny, patch of the American world. She saves her palette knife for larding shade on Trump.

To win, Hilly has to slime Trump so thoroughly that even his supporters will feel a bit dirty voting for him.

So, can she win?

Trump keeps having these biggish rallies. 10,000 here, 8,000 there, 20,000 over there. People line up. They may be deplorable but they are not ashamed.

Unless Hilly can make them feel ashamed. Make them understand why it is a good thing to welcome unknown refugees and damn police officers for doing an impossible duty, accept that it is important to make a “deal” with Iran and that Israel is actually rather nasty, understand that the job they lost to an H1-B worker or an illegal worker will make them better off in the long run, she is not going to win.

But, if she can make terrorism un-Islamic and black people think the Democrats actually give a rat’s ass about the inner cities, there is no doubt at all that Hilly can win.

But I wouldn’t put any money on it.

To win you have to show up. To win, you have to make sense. To win, you have to make people understand that you will put America first, that you will put them first.

Hilly can’t close that sale because she has no clue what those words even mean.

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