Pro-Wrestling hits the Presidential Debates

The Clinton campaign thought they were being clever inviting billionaire loud mouth Mark Cuban to sit in the front row of Monday’s debate and what? Glower? Heckle?

It is a fatal mistake to try to out reality TV the master of reality TV.

Trump has invited Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress Gennifer Flowers to the debate and she’s accepted.

When it comes to throwing chairs the Clinton people are rank amateurs. I mean Trump is actually in the WWE Hall of Fame. He’ll put Flowers in the front row and she won’t have to say a thing.

And the best part is that it is pretty clear that the Clinton people started the race to the bottom.

Now, for real fun, I bet Monica Lewinsky might be available Monday night.

Beer, popcorn, big screen TV…I am looking forward to a deplorable evening of fun.

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4 thoughts on “Pro-Wrestling hits the Presidential Debates

  1. It doesn’t matter if they put naked people, or rotting corpses in the audience. The house lights will be dimmed, and the audience is under instructions not to cheer or make noise. Those on stage won’t be able to see them once the debate starts, and neither will we at home. They aren’t planning to zoom in for reaction shots or any Hollywood type nonsense. It’s all just pre-fight “smack talk” and posturing.

    • Jay Currie says:

      I know…which is why poking the reality TV bear is a very dumb idea.

    • derek says:

      It isn’t about Monday. It is now. The story is all over, including the necessity of explaining who Gennfier Flowers is.

      So what is the story? There are as many Bill rape victims as there are Trump opponents?

      • Jay Currie says:


        Gennifer is the the perfect stalking horse. The media know who she is and they will actually have to explain it which kills Hilly for two more news cycles.

        That and the Turkish Muslim “Hispanic” who shot up the Mall in Washington.

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