Magnificent Deplorables

Just waiting for the call but AP calls PA. But not the networks.

We’re done.

Hillary is such a useless tool that she is not even going to show up at the Javitts Centre to concede. Podesta is truly revolting. Still counting…yeah, right.

She’s racing to the plane to which ever lair she has prepared.

Donald Trump has won the most remarkable victory in American political history.

And now it is official. A classic Trump speech. Good for Hilly conceding. Trump was gracious but he was Trump.

Let’s go.

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4 thoughts on “Magnificent Deplorables

  1. bonnibrai says:

    Thanks for leaving ‘your brave little bubble’ to write this splendid piece. It seems that 1928 was last time Republicans had the White House, the House and the Senate.Great days ahead!

  2. Robyn Adele Anderson explains what happens next:

  3. derek says:

    I went to bed after Pennsylvania was called. Remarkable night.

    When I watched Comey let Clinton skate I said to whoever would listen that it wouldn’t stand. It didn’t. Good for the American people. Remarkable how that isn’t the reason this morning. Lots of people didn’t vote for Trump but even more just couldn’t pull the lever for Clinton.

  4. Dwayne says:

    It was, and still is, sad how the major media covered election night. I must admit that I was busy doing something else and didn’t watch any coverage until much later. My 5 min of CNN was watching talking heads looking for anything good to say for Hillary supporters, and this was at a point where they should have called it for Trump. I watched Trumps speech on CNN because a buddy sent me a text, it was 5 to midnight Pacific time. NYT still had not called it for Trump on their website. It showed a 95% chance of Trump winning, but I guess in their minds that meant Hillary had a 5% chance. CNN did not “call it” for Trump until they heard that Hillary called and conceded.

    President elect Trump should know, just like in Canada, the media is not your friend, ever. They hate him, they showed it, and it will not change. He should ensure he treats them with the contempt they deserve. And whatever he does, he should not pander to them at all. Let them wail, cry, moan, bitch, but he should just ignore them and carry out the business of draining that swamp.

    PS. Check out the Washington DC returns:

    92.8% – 260,223 Clinton
    4.1% – 11,553 Trump
    1.6% – 4,501 Johnson
    1.4% – 3,995 Stein

    Yup, there are a lot of Democrats in the swamp, and they know that if it is drained they are out of work.

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