Steve Bannon

The defeated left is going all in on Breitbart’s (and soon the White House’s) Steve Bannon.

The smears are as fact free as they are nasty and it is a direct and simple challenge to Trump. People like Harry Reid and Elizabeth Warren are slagging Bannon and threatening not to co-operate (as if) with Trump.

So now Trump gets to decide: keep Steve or underbus him in the face of a determined lefty smear. I think it is an easy decision; but it will also be a telling one. If Trump backs his pick he wins bigly, if he waivers, even slightly, he will have created a huge problem for himself and his Presidency. We should know how this turns out by the weekend.

If you want to read what this notorious “anti-Semite” and “racist” and white supremacist thinks go read his remarks to a Vatican conference on poverty.


One thought on “Steve Bannon

  1. derek says:

    Watch Trump play this throughout his presidency. He throws something at them, they all can’t breathe because their shorts are in such a twist, they all make utter fools of themselves, burn a building down, essentially render themselves into blithering idiots, and he does what he wants. They stop for a second, wonder what hit them, then fly into a rage again at the slightest thing and he does it again.

    Notice that there isn’t a word about Obamacare or the EPA, real consequential things that dismantle Obama’s legacy? Bannon, racist, Bannon, squeak my shorts are tight, Bannon, Repeal Obamacare.

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