The Reveal

05744777I have not written much about Trump post election. Quite honestly, up until he took the Oath of Office, I could not quite believe that the elites arrayed against him would not come up with something to avoid the accession of the Cheeto vulgarian. I guess they just don’t make elites like they used to and there it is, President Trump.

Smart people on the right have noted: 1) in his first week Trump has “flooded the zone” with Executive Orders, appointments, website changes and tweets, almost all of which producing outrage, apoplexy and scorn from lefties and liberals, 2) it turns out that the elite media have been successfully bypassed by the Trumpians by the simple expedient of largely ignoring it, 3) it appears that Trump proposes to keep most of his campaign promises, 4) perhaps most importantly, unlike his predecessor, Trump intuitively understands the real power of the White House is not about intelligence briefings and budget planning, it is about getting things done.

Getting things done, impressing his agenda on the United States and the world, is all about using the full tool kit of the White House. Probably the most powerful tool in that kit is the allure of the White House itself. An invitation to have a cup of coffee with the President of the United States is irresistible to almost anyone in the world, (except the President of Mexico, apparently, but I suspect this is mainly posturing). It is particularly attractive to members of official Washington on both sides of the aisle. For an incoming President, making time to shake hands with potentially useful Congressmen is a force multiplier. So is sitting down with the captains of industry and union leaders.

While the pussy capped ninnies paraded in the streets about just what an awful man Trump is, Trump was in the process of building his own bully pulpit. (“Bully” in the sense Teddy Roosevelt used that word.) He is also making it very clear, particularly to the press, that he is indifferent, if not actively hostile, towards negative opinions of his person or work. He and his staff are not even pretending to take the mainstream media seriously which seems to be resulting in ever shriller and therefore credibility destroying efforts on MSM’s part to demonise Trump and all his works.

After a week of President Trump a bit of an outline is emerging: “Do what you said you were going to do.” “Use the power of the White House to build up a bit of a favour bank.” “Ignore the media when not actively making fun of them.” “Behave seriously but enjoy the office.” If Trump can keep it up he may have a shot at being a genuinely great President.


2 thoughts on “The Reveal

  1. derek says:

    Agree or disagree with him, at least he keeps his shirt on. The Liberals had their 100 day or whatever plan to redesign Canada from top to bottom. Anyone with any experience at all with doing anything except falling down stairs would never gone about it the way it has been done.

    What is remarkable is how he talks over self important people. I listened to his mercifully short speeches from last week and I got what he was saying and doing. I’m certain there were vast swathes of America who listened and heard as well. I’m also sure there is vigorous debate about how to do it, or whether it is a good idea or not.

    The CIA speech was the most interesting. There were dark statements from many sides saying that he better not pick a fight with the CIA, they will destroy him. Which of course meant that a fight was what he was going to pick. He got the upper management furious at him for accusing them of leaking and discrediting them personally. Then he went into the lair and had the rank and file cheering him on. How many times has he done that very thing when faced with a poorly performing business? 100? 500? Thousands of times over the 40 years? The media missed what he was doing because they stand with the upper management. I recognized it immediately, and I’m sure that lots of other people did as well, and am curious how successful he will be.

    But equally remarkable is how people he wasn’t talking to didn’t even grasp what he was saying. They are still at how can he be there at all. And they will stay there for a long time and miss the possibility of growing an audience and actually doing the job that journalists purport to have.

  2. peterodonnell says:

    Trump reminds me of such presidents as Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson. One wonders how those (and many other) presidents would have fared in the hothouse atmosphere of today’s 24/7 news cycle and with the globalist interference factor in play (back then).

    I think his approach is basically sound, but I fear that very powerful forces will have such strong reasons to eliminate him that he won’t make it past this year. I don’t know if those forces would try to get rid of various others in the line of succession, nor whether they would disguise their efforts (lone wolf madman as proxy?) or just go full military coup. Of course many in the military support Trump. But money buys a lot of things. A lot of money buys almost anything. As the Clintons proved so many times, but there are always limits.

    So, if he survives the world will change. It may not be quite a broad enough counter-revolution to make deep structural change. For this observer, the blend of anti-establishment, anti-Islam, alt-right sympathy, moves towards a pro-life position yet a nearly total lack of concern about the gay agenda, makes for a curious combination that can only create an unstable coalition of support because a counter-revolution needs to be complete in its focus (leaving no powerful opponents on the battlefield, as with a revolution).

    The mirror image would be the MB revolution in Egypt. They left the military alone, or failed in their efforts to change it, and within months they were repulsed and destroyed. Trump would do well to study successful revolutions because I don’t know if there has ever been a truly successful counter-revolution. Maybe he doesn’t want that, but millions of his voters clearly do. If he seems ambiguous by 2019, they may stampede in a new direction. But as I said, the odds of him being around in 2019 are not great. And I can’t imagine these opponents accepting a President Mike Pence either.

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