I suppose the Conservative Party of Canada is where libertarian dreams go to die.

Scheer is respectable. Nothing wrong with him.

But he is not going to change much.

Too bad. Bernier would have actually represented an alternative to the endless middle of the roadedness of Canadian politics.

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4 thoughts on “Damn

  1. Mike Power says:

    Exactly right Jay. Status quo. I thought Bernier had it in the bag. Sucks.

  2. Cytotoxic says:

    Conservatives are stupid. They don’t learn. Scheer is going to end up just like Hudak and Tory and all those other ‘nice centrist guys’: defeated. It’s over. Trudeau has the 2019 election pretty much in the bag.

    • Jay Currie says:

      Conservatives can be remarkably dumb. I think they really missed an opportunity in not electing Bernier.

      What they have done is elected a perfectly nice guy (good on free speech by the way) who is not going to move the needle. But, realistically, Trudeau essentially has to lose rather than the CPC winning.

      Conservatives may be dumb but Canadians in general were gulled by Trudeau the first time; now are we idiot enough to elect him a second time? Especially when the CPC candidate is not Harper. Maybe. But Trudeau is piling up a remarkable record of failure and inanity. I think he might just beat himself.

      • Cytotoxic says:

        The polls are pretty clear that Trudeau has a pretty strong grip. GOVERNMENTS DO NOT DEFEAT THEMSELVES. If they did, the Ontario PCs would have won multiple times by now. Scheer is a lot like Harper. Harper lost. Oh, and he’ll fold like a cheap suit on free speech or any issue.Trudeau has mid-term miasma, and honestly that suits me just fine. He’s inept but not in a very toxic way; most Canadians will probably not care about that kind of derp from now to the election. He’s going to win in 2019.

        Frankly, folk on the right need to admit to themselves that Trudeau has not been as bad as they like to imagine. He approved some pipelines and avoided some really awful ideas like mandating electric vehicle sales. Bailing out Bombardier is terrible but there’s been some downright good policy like MJ legalization and increased immigration (the latter of which is really more important than almost any tax decrease). I think Bernier should consider a team defection at some point.

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