23817924-no-teddy-bear-sign-illustration And here we go again.

I keep thinking the light will go on and the great and the good will say, “Hey, we have a bit of a jihadi problem and, well, near as we can tell, most jihadis are Muslims so we may have a Muslim problem and, perhaps, we might take a look at actually doing something about that Muslim problem.” They might think about taking a break from Muslim immigration. And they might look at rounding up the 23,000 Muslims deemed to be radicalized and have a bit of a chat. And they might take a look at closing some of the mosques these radicalized people have been known to attend.

But, most of all, I keep hoping they ban teddy bears, tea lights and flowers.


One thought on “London

  1. derek says:

    Nope. The great and the good will need to be replaced by someone less worried about good and more worried about preventing even worse.

    Almost every blather about tolerance and hate, and we must be tolerant and must not hate, even if it means we must tolerate and acquiesce to those who hate sounds almost identical to the acquiesce to the high levels of crime during the 70’s.

    Two things happened. Bernard Goetz in 1984 shot muggers on the subway. It took until 1993 until Giuliani became mayor and implemented policies that put an end to the patterns of crime in the city. He did what the great and the good considered impossible.

    It wouldn’t be hard to turn the corner on this. Stop Muslim immigration immediately. Deport the individuals who are being watched, consuming substantial amounts of law enforcement resources and focus.

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