Polar Cases

Trump’s continuing attempts to get “condemnation” right actually illustrate a profound shift in the political rhetoric in the US. (And, unfortunately, elsewhere.)

There were Nazis on one side in Charlottesville. From which it follows, apparently, that anything less than full throated support for the thugs of antifa means, well it means that you support Nazis. So, for example, if you make any attempt to sort the right wing sheep from the Nazi goats…You’re a Nazi supporter. If you note that the police and National Guard expressly stood down and failed to protect a permitted meeting…You’re a Nazi supporter.

Once political conversation descends to this level it is no longer conversation and it has moved from political to tribal.

A fact that seems to have entirely eluded Trump and who ever it is who is advising him. [I note that Trump’s flatfootedness may very well be a consequence of the globalist cadres in the White House marginalizing Steve Bannon because Bannon understands this.] Once the left and the media have a way of proving to their own satisfaction that Trump, because he criticized both sides, is a Nazi supporter the White House is left with two courses of action. One, which will weaken and eventually destroy the Trump Presidency, is to try and find the right words to propitiate people who want nothing more than to “prove” Trump is a Nazi and will use whatever means necessary to drive home the attack. The other, which will rally the base and begin to move the general American public, is to go hard on the antifa rioters and nail the cowardice of the Charlottetown police, national guard and their political masters.

For the second strategy to work Trump will have to bring Bannon back into the loop even if it annoys the Generals. This is a political fight and Generals, no matter how well organized and disciplined, don’t do politics well.

If Trump, as is rumoured, instead fires Bannon the Trump Presidency is, at best lamed, at worst, pretty much over. In a sense, if he fires Bannon, Trump will have been housebroken and that is not what his base elected him for.

I have spent a good deal of time defending Trump because the Trump powered by Bannon is the corrective that America has needed for a couple of decades. But if Bannon is shown the door, for whatever reason, I’ll jump off the Trump train in a New York second. The populist insurgency will have been stillborn, the swamp will remain full and the antifa fascists and their Democratic party enablers will continue their terror and their misrule.

Update: Chris Buskirk at American Greatness gets the point about Steve Bannon.

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6 thoughts on “Polar Cases

  1. This is a critical time in US history. Even you, Jay, are being affected by leftist propaganda. The problem we all face is how do we separate white nationalism from national socialism and its supporters? In trying to answer that question, I’ll ask you another. Why is it the Japanese who behaved with horrible, systemic, incredible brutality towards Chinese civilians, British nurses and American and Canadian prisoners of war (among others) get a pass while Germans, who treated prisoners humainly are condemned in annual hatefests around the world? What’s driving the one response and ignoring the other? Indeed, given the Soros money behind BLM, what’s driving antifa?

    The lack of analysis of the money trail, the beneficiaries and the historical patterns is making us all into a kind of mass stupid party.

    • Philip Jemielita says:

      Frank – re Germans treating their prisoners humanely Are you in any way aware of what happened to Soviet or Polish POW’s in the WWII? I am glad to cite authorities if you want. As to the Japanese, when I was living in the Netherlands there were riots when the Japanese PM visited. As to the Japanese getting a free pass – suggest that you talk to Chinese, Koreans, Singaporeans, Indonesians, Burmese, Thais and Philippines. It is not often that I can say that someone is 100% wrong. But please do cite some evidence – I am glad to learn from you and correct my views.

      • Let’s compare apples with apples; our prisoners in Europe vs our prisoners in Japanese prisons and work camps. Or, to pick a fine-grained example; our nurses captured by the Germans vs our nurses captured in Hong Kong and Singapore. Here’s the Hong Kong example from one source.

        . . . at a hospital for injured British soldiers, the Japanese soldiers slaughtered 170 recuperating soldiers and a few hospital staff. The eyes, ears, noses, tongues, or limbs were cut off on many victims. Seventy of the soldiers were killed with swords while they were lying in bed. The hospital’s seven nurses were raped, sometimes while lying on top of the bodies of murdered British soldiers. Several of the nurses were also slaughtered, and one of them almost had her head severed.

        Here’s the same story again, this time from Wikipedia, and the site is named;

        Several hours before the British surrendered on Christmas day at the end of the Battle of Hong Kong, Japanese soldiers entered St. Stephen’s College, which was being used as a hospital on the front line at the time. The Japanese were met by two doctors, Black and Witney, who were marched away, and were later found dead and mutilated. They then burst into the wards and bayoneted a number of British, Canadian and Indian wounded soldiers who were incapable of hiding.The survivors and their nurses were imprisoned in two rooms upstairs. Later, a second wave of Japanese troops arrived after the fighting had moved further south, away from the school. They removed two Canadians from one of the rooms, and mutilated and killed them outside. Many of the nurses next door were then dragged off to be gang raped, and later found mutilated. The following morning, after the surrender, the Japanese ordered that all these bodies should be cremated just outside the hall. Other soldiers who had died in the defence of Stanley were burned with those killed in the massacre, making well over 100 altogether.

        I’m just picking one example of many, but I challenge you to find a similar example involving German troops and Allied hospitals. The left, and Progressives generally, think the Japanese and Germans were all of a piece, but the facts say otherwise. Despite this it’s Germany who still carries the blame and Japan who gets away with cuddly television series like Terrace House.

  2. Philip Jemielita says:

    Frank, Thanks for your thoughtful reply. I of course do not dispute nor did I dispute that the Japanese were total barbarians in WW11. Completely agree. I was responding to your comment “while Germans, who treated prisoners humainly are condemned in annual hatefests around the world?” and pointed out that Soviet and Polish POW’s were slaughtered by Germans. If you narrow your point to comparing how Japanese and Germans treated UK and American POW’s I of course agree with you. But it does seem to me that excluding Soviet and Poles from your comparison is strange. I say this being from a Polish family that was wiped out in the war. So your comment about “our prisoners” excluding Slavs is jangling to me. I suggest you read “Inferno” by Max Hastings, which is a terrific (I think) history of the war.

    But do tell me more about how “leftists and progressives” have different views of Japan and Germany. This is quite new to me. I have lived in both Asia and Europe and have the experience that Europeans have bitter but fading through time feelings about the Germans and Asians have bitter feelings about the Japanese. The reason is that these areas have more personal experiences about the Japanese and Germans.

    I guess my question is why “leftists and progressives” would have different views of Japan and Germany.

    • Germany is forever condemned for its treatment of the Jews, while Japan is not attacked with memorials, museums, concentration camp visits and on and on. Nor has it paid Billions in reparations. When, for example, was the last time a Canadian leader paid a visit Sham Shui Po Prison Camp on the Chinese mainland near Kowloon and North Point Camp in Northern Hong Kong. I’ll bet never. It’s like it never happened.

      So, yes, there is a difference.

  3. Philip Jemielita says:

    Frank, thanks for your reply. Let me make a couple of points:

    1) Germany is condemned in the West for the Holocaust.
    2) Japan is condemned in Asia for what it did in Asia

    The reason for the difference is that Germany is part of the West and Japan is part of Asia.

    3) Germany paid reparations and Japan did not. I suggest the reason for this is that the Germans felt remorse for what they did and the Japanese did not. Consider Willy Brandt. The reason for the Japan’s attitude was in part MacArthur’s policy during the occupation. If you want I can send you references on this.
    4) As for Americans ( I live in the US) I can say that knowledge of history here is so attenuated that i can safely say that Americans have no opinions on any of this.
    5) Who knows what goes on in the heads of Canadian PM’s.

    But I really would like to understand your comment about leftists and progressives having an opinion of any difference between Germany and Japan. This is genuinely mysterious to me.

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