After The Rebel….Breitbart Canada

My sense is that the Rebel is swirling round the drain. Canadaland reports that Kory Teneycke, ex of Harper’s PMO and ex of Sun newspapers was the guy who spoke to the English chaps who are suggesting Ez may not be entirely straight with his contributors’ money. That’s a lot of fire power to send to calm a couple of disgruntled contract workers. Ez says he’s being blackmailed. Could be.

The resignations continue and it is not at all obvious who would be interested in climbing on board the heavily listing Rebel.

The brand has become pretty toxic pretty quickly.

At the same time, the need for a Canadian, right of center, media outlet is apparent. There has been talk of Breitbart Canada for several years but there was little movement, in part because The Rebel had effectively occupied the niche. Now? Well, Bannon is back and looking to expand Brietbart’s influence. Ez has to be looking for a way out and his few remaining assets are a mailing list, some You-tube subscribers and some video equipment. Buy those assets, say good-bye and good luck to Ez but retain him as a consultant for a six month grace period, then look around for some decent presenters and some smart, “not a Nazi” rightie, journalists. Voilà, Breitbart-Canada.

3 thoughts on “After The Rebel….Breitbart Canada

  1. I agree that we need a right-of-centre media outlet in Canada but the thought of it being a branch of an existing American company does not sit well with me. A huge part of the reason the right has not sold itself well in Canada in recent decades – unless you count the cucked, neoconservative, version represented by Stephen Harper – is that it failed to package itself as a Canadian right. A true Canadian right has to look to Canada’s traditions and institutions rather than those of the United States. It needs to be something like “Red Toryism, hold the Red.” George Grant, minus the sympathy with socialism, pacifism, and feminism. Something that defends personal freedom against socialism, statism, and political correctness but grounds that freedom in our own tradition of Common Law, parliamentary government, and constitutional monarchy rather than preaching American republicanism while bashing our own country.

  2. Dwayne says:

    Any right of centre media in Canada will immediately be branded “alt-right”. Double down on that for Breitbart which is already labeled alt-right by the US media.

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