OK, I was hoping that Trump and Co would do something clever in Syria. I was wrong.

Shiny, new, smart missiles – well cruise missiles by and large – rained down on long evacuated targets in Syria last night. Another billion dollar fireworks display.

On the one hand I am delighted that there are no boots on the ground in this particular shit hole. On the other, there was so much more which could have been done with the Russians, Iranians and Syrians stuck in their bolt holes by Trump’s tweets.

Trump has made his point. There is a red line and he’s not letting it fade. But, as my elder son said over dinner, for 100 million the Syrians would probably have blown up their own buildings.


2 thoughts on “Wrong!

  1. scurrie90 says:

    Your elder son was not at dinner.

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  2. Fred from BC says:

    Yeah, he could have been more creative, for sure. But if nothing else, he will be able to use this response to maintain his reputation for unpredictability; if he’s smart,next time he’ll make the threat and *not* follow through (at least not right away).

    So far, his Tweets on NAFTA, Mexico, Canada, North Korea, Congress and several other issues have been paying off well for him. There may indeed be a method to his madness in the long term…

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