True North

Justin Trudeau, Donald TrumpOnly in Canada would the rudeness of our Prime Minister to a departing guest be raised – admittedly by Warren “Lying Jackal” Kinsella – to a question of Canadian patriotism. Our Minister of External Affairs has wagged her stubby little finger at the Donald and called his response to Trudeau’s rudeness “inappropriate”.

In so far as there is any thinking at all in Ottawa I suspect some bright light in the PMO, in the wake of Ford’s victory in Ontario, has had the idea that the way for Trudeau to win the next election is to try and cast that election as an opportunity for good Canadians to vote against the monster Trump. It is just the sort of idea which will emerge from a gender-balanced brain trust a bit high on soy. Because decent, good Canadians hate Trump and if Trudeau is seen to stand up to the orange ogre we will all troop to the ballot box in Trudeau’s support. While I think that is unlikely, it is really all these clowns have left.

Which is very bad news for Canada. Because Trump is not kidding on tariffs and could care less if all the Canadas rise as one in support of the Little Potato. As I pointed out below, at virtually no cost to the American economy, Trump can pretty much wipe out the one bit of manufacturing which exists in the so-called “Golden Triangle”. And if Ms. Freeland thinks he is inappropriate now, imagine how fast her finger will have to wag if he hits oil and lumber with the same sort of across the board tariff.

A lot of diplomacy and trade strategy can be learned in a school yard. Six grade one students are unwise trying to take on the kid in grade seven. While they might be able to slow him down they can’t actually hurt him, but one solid punch from the big kid and a little kid is laid out flat. Is that fair? Of course not. But it is how the world works.

Poking a bear is never, ever, smart.

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15 thoughts on “True North

  1. Mike Power says:

    You’re wrong. I am a good decent Canadian, and I like Trump. He stands up for his country, has done wonders since his election, and is a generous man. He cannot stand assholes and Trudeau is one.

    • Jay Currie says:

      And good for you Mike; but, at the moment, Canadians in general, led by our dopey media, do not like President Trump. There is a bunch of polling data to support this.

      I am a huge Trump supporter but it is highly entertaining, not to say dangerous, to say so at my local.

      • Cytotoxic says:

        Actually Canadians and most Americans dislike Trump because he’s a dangerous moron as he makes clear every time he talks. It’s not the media.

      • Philip Jemielita says:


        You are objectively not a huge Trump supporter. Here is my proof. You despise fools. You have stated that Trump is a buffoon. Therefore you despise Trump. QED

  2. Cytotoxic says:

    ” virtually no cost to the American economy”

    Bzzt. The costs will be huge. America imports a great deal from Canada. Also, Canada can export elsewhere; America is a smaller and smaller slice of the world economy. China here we come!

    • Fred from BC says:

      In your dreams. The US could destroy our economy almost overnight if they chose to do so (apparently even the proposed auto manufacturing tariff alone could drive us into a recession). Any actions we take against America will be a minor annoyance at best; while the response from them could be devastating to Canada.

      Trump Derangement Syndrome makes people believe, say and do really dumb things.

      • Cytotoxic says:

        “Any actions we take against America will be a minor annoyance at best”

        Except for shutting off the oil-not that that’s a good idea.

        The nation suffering most from American import taxes is America. That’s why the costs to them will be huge.

  3. Stater of the Bloody Obvious says:

    Appeasement never works with the likes of Trump. Any concession from Trudeau, even an otherwise reasonable one like cutting dairy tariffs, will only lead to an ever-growing list of demands. We’re dealing with President Hugo Chavez here, not a Reagan or a Bush. The only option is to stand firm till the effects of the global trade war start costing votes in Congress, and the wheels come off the statist clown car that is the Trump administration.

    • Jay Currie says:

      The problem is the damage which, more or less with the flick of a pen, the orange ogre can inflict. You poke the bear, the bear reacts…several hours later the wildlife control officers find you. Take away? Don’t poke the bear.

      • Cytotoxic says:

        He’s not a bear, he’s a belligerent imbecile. The OP is right; just wade this a-hole out.

  4. Stater of the Bloody Obvious says:

    The damage is going to be inflicted regardless of anything Trudeau says or doesn’t say. And nothing he said was particularly provocative, anyway. Trump would have found something to be triggered about in any case. He always does.
    Canada, the United States, and the rest of the world are in for a very bruising and wholly unnecessary trade war these next couple of years. Giving in on anything will leave us in a weaker position come the day there is someone we can negotiate with in good faith in the Oval Office.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “The damage is going to be inflicted regardless of anything Trudeau says or doesn’t say.”

      Did your crystal ball tell you that?

      “And nothing he said was particularly provocative,”

      In your opinion, perhaps. But your opinion isn’t the one that matters here, is it?

      “Trump would have found something to be triggered about in any case. He always does.”

      More predictions. Are you willing to bet our economic future on your guesses? I’m not…

      • Stater of the Bloody Obvious says:

        Not a prediction. Just a straightforward observation of Trump’s behaviour. We are not dealing with a genius here.

    • Cytotoxic says:

      Are you me?

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Trudy’s gift to Trump was a fine insult.
    OTOH insulting an 800lb gorilla may not be such a good idea.

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