Milk Fight

shutterstock_175414571-1000x480The Donald seems obsessed with Canadian Dairy tariffs. As well he might be as they can go as high as 290%.

Over the next week or so, Canada and the US are going to have to climb down from their rather silly positions on everything from aluminium to felt pens.

A good place to start is with Canadian dairy. Why not announce a zero tariff on hormone/antibiotic free milk? It is a tiny percentage of American dairy production but a huge percentage of Canadian dairy is both hormone and antibiotic free.

Trump seems to be attracted by shiny objects and a “win” on dairy is very shiny indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Milk Fight

  1. Fred from BC says:

    This is not the first international trade agreement to be stalled or stymied by this repressive and unfair marketing system. 36 million Canadians pay hundreds of dollar more per year for milk, cheese, butter and eggs so that a few thousand well-connected farmers in Quebec and Ontario can sell their products without competition. Australia and New Zealand dumped their own “supply management” systems and saw huge increases in international sales (15-20 percent if I’m not mistaken) while Canada saw ours *fall* from 0.9 to 0.4 percent or so.

    The dairy lobby (or ‘cartel’, as some call it) is clever enough to spend a lot of money not on election campaigns but on *leadership* campaigns instead, ensuring that the right people get elected to head their parties and pose no threat to Big Dairy. So disappointed in Andrew Scheer for capitulating to these people. The other two federal party leaders are also on board, so Donald Trump could inadvertently be doing us a big favor here.

  2. Cytotoxic says:

    Ditching supply management is a good idea but not to make Trump happy. That idiot will find something else to be triggered by, like pretending Chinese steel and aluminum are a security threat.

    Politically, it’s not possible. Same was true of taxi cartels. Thankfully we have more tools than just politics:

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Ditching supply management is a good idea but not to make Trump happy.”

      No, just as a concession to gain something in return from him (steel, auto industry, softwood lumber?). If you have to give up something, you might as well make it something that makes political sense, I think. Lose 10 or 20 thousand votes in Quebec and Ontario unhappy but gain *millions* more all across the country.

      • Cytotoxic says:

        Just do it unilaterally. It’s better politics, and it would be amusing to watch Turmp comprehend and then be angered by the world not rotating around him.

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