Much as I despise Justin Trudeau and the gang of gender-balanced incompetents he has surrounded himself with, I am afraid I can’t work up much indignation vis a vis the Creston grope. Nor do I think JT’s bumbling defence is anything other than another demonstration of his general unfitness for the Prime Ministership.

It is pretty clear that Justin, perhaps after several beers, touched a girl in a way which, the very next day, she wrote was inappropriate (or some such…I can’t be arsed to look it up). He compounded his error by saying that had he known she was reporting for a national paper he would not have been so forward. What a dweeb.

But, honestly, I don’t care. Partly it is the passage of time. Despite Kinsella’s attempts to turn this into a Harvey Weinstein moment, Trudeau behaved badly, is a sanctimonious idiot and a fake feminist, but it still does not amount to assault or anything close. (At least at this point, we may learn more down the road.)

Here’s big news. People go to beer company sponsored music festivals to get friendly with other people. I am told that, on occasion, people who have had several beers end up in tents with each other for no good reason and they are not even engaged. While I am, of course, shocked and appalled, I can’t quite see how this amounts to anything but a slightly embarrassing story.

Trudeau’s handling of the Jackel inspired story sucks. His comms department should be sacked. But the fact is that a young, unmarried, guy took liberties with a young, unmarried (so far as I know) girl at a summer music festival. I suppose we could shoot him. But I would rather shoot the comms idiots who did not say to JT, “Admit you did it. Apologize. Move on.” All the parsing in the world is not going to change the fact Justin grabbed her ass or boob or whatever. Bad Justin. Admit it and move on.

There are lots of reasons not to vote for this idiot. His behaviour 18 years ago might be one of them. But it is not the most significant nor will it be the last.

As with most things Jackal driven there is more going on here than we are seeing. Why did the Jackal trawl through the Creston paper on microfilm to get the story? And what else is there? Vancouver, Whistler – in the late 90’s,early 2000’s these were “party central”.

At a guess, the Creston “grope” is not where the Jackal is going with this. I suspect it is a ranging shot. Turning on the light to see where the cockroaches in the PMO scatter.

If there is another shoe, and I suspect there are several, it will drop in September just in time to force the resignation and the nomination of another leader in time for the next election. The Jackal learned from Wynne’s failure to make way. It is not enough to kick Justin to the curb…he has to be gone by Christmas.


2 thoughts on “#YouToo?

  1. Dwayne says:

    I agree that it was probably a “pass” that was more forward due to added alcohol. But, in this day and age it seems that what was once a “pass” is now unwanted sexual touching and subject to major inquires in the military, as well as in review of all past actions by media personalities and politicians.

    The point, I think, is the double standard the media chooses to play when their chosen ones offend, vice their targets. Had this been anyone not “on the fold” the media would jump on it and turn it into an AH HA moment to prove how heinous those damn conservatives are. Instead of holding Trudeau to the same standard as, say Patrick Brown, they choose to bury the story and hope it dies so as not to make the fool look more the fool.

    I think it looks good on the phony feminist. His humming an hawing over the incident proves he doesn’t really believe he needs to be held to the standard he set for others. As well, it proves the media doesn’t believe they need to hold him to the same standard either. Just another talking point for the next election. Trudeau meet and greets become grope and grins, not grip and grins when women and booze are involved!

    • Jay Currie says:

      Who amongst us has not sinned at a beer (and likely weed) fueled music festival? At 28? If you didn’t you were missing something.

      But this is a hit.

      That Creston Times(?) article did not just jump out of the archives. Someone went digging.

      My bet is that someone has more material. And more recent material. The Jackal, as I recall, referenced “affidavits” floating around. There were no affidavits in this instance….So? The next shoes will drop, or not. If they do Trudeau has already put himself offside. Once, eighteen years ago, at a beer fest, with a girl who does not want to say more, is survivable. The next shoe takes the poor faux feminist down.

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