French Police vs. Yellow Vests

This is interesting.

The Yellow Vests are, ostensibly, protesting Macron’s imposition of higher fuel taxes in the name of CO2 reductions and the Paris Accord. However, while there is a strand of the protest which is really just people who like throwing rocks and lighting fires – apparently from both sides of the political aisle with more than a few of France’s increasing immigrant population taking advantage of the chaos – the bulk of the protestors seem to be the French version of deplorables. Working and lower middle class people from the provinces and the outer suburbs who have been steadily falling behind economically.

Historically, the French have been very good at organizing strikes and protests and the French police have become very good at breaking up such demonstrations.

But what this video shows is the French police “standing down”. Taking off their helmets. The crowd applauds and breaks into La Marseillaise.

Will the Yellow Vests bring down Macron? While I devoutly hope they do they will not do it on their own. However, if the police down tools that would be a different situation altogether. Of course, there would still be the Army; but how reliable the Army would be is an open question.

The one thing which the Yellow Vests need to keep their effort going is continued large numbers of non-violent protestors. This weekend there were fewer than last weekend. Christmas is coming. The point about street protests is they succeed when they are massive, they fail when people stay at home.

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5 thoughts on “French Police vs. Yellow Vests

  1. Neil Wilson says:

    What are thoughts on this kind of thing happening in Canada as we continue ever downward under Skippy? Will our deplorables – me included – get pushed too far? Particularly during what I am afeared will be a second mandate for our L’il Potato.

    • Terry Rudden says:

      Prior history is a pretty good indicator of future behaviour. France’s history of politicl protest and street violence, compared to ours, suggests that our deplorables will probably continue to fulminate on their websites and confine their activism to the formulation of really witty nicknames for the Prime Minister.

      • derek says:

        Canadians have the laudable habit of destroying political parties come election time. Liberals in Ontario more recently, NDP in British Columbia in the 90’s, Progressive Conservatives post Mulroney. I’m sure there are other examples.

  2. Neil Wilson says:

    Well we all know that L’il Potato was a name bestowed by the Chinese but the Skippy epithet is mine; it just seems to fit so well. Awarded soon after the election, I have managed to get a reasonable number of folks to use it and it has even been coming back to me in the comment sections of some newspapers. Like President Trump, I feel every bit of ridicule helps – look what Warren Kinsella did to Stockwell Day with his Barney The Dinosaur comparison on Canada AM. What more can one old deplorable do?

    And Terry, I agree that we don’t have the mercurial temperament of the French but remember the description of the Canadian reaction to terrorism in the short essay attributed to John Cleese summarizing the terrorism situation around the world: “Canada doesn’t have any alert levels. Historically, it has occasionally escalated directly to the Scottish ‘Let’s get the Bastards’ level…….” so we shall see.

    Finally, a little ditty that helps to explain..

  3. Rusty L1A1 says:

    Macron should have acted like the President he was elected to be, and treated the Yellow Vests exactly as Margaret Thatcher would have done. She knew how to deal with disruptive unions and other organised malcontents taking their petty grievances to the street.

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