New Year, New Attitude

Alberta’s truckers are planning to drive to Ottawa in February to express their displeasure with the feds refusal to get on with building pipelines and the lunacy of the Trudeau carbon tax. Leaving aside the rigours of driving the trans-Canada in February, this is a very un-Canadian sort of activity. Because it is activity. Canadians normally sit around the bar grumbling, they don’t “do” anything which is what our masters in Ottawa and the provincial capitals count on.

While the truckers are driving in protest, an Alberta rancher is taking a stand against that province’s carbon tax. Remembering that Alberta’s Premier originally introduced the carbon tax to, somehow, gain social licence for the much-needed pipelines and noting that those pipelines have not even been started, rancher Sheila Griffith is refusing to pay the carbon tax portion of her propane bill.

While the truckers will make better copy, Ms. Griffith represents a far greater threat to “business as usual”. If more than a few people join her the Alberta government will, quite quickly, notice a hole in its budget. Apparently, the propane company will just tack the unpaid portion onto her next bill – but it will not halt delivery.

These two items, as well as the appearance of “yellow vests” at other Alberta protests, suggests that in Alberta at least, people are getting fed up with simply being ignored. They are getting fed up with the Tweedledum/Tweedledee routine of Trudeau and Scheer.

Simple, direct, action will not change the Liberal’s fixation on the tax grab which is the carbon tax or the endless kowtowing to minority First Nations opposition to pipelines or Quebec’s reluctance to replace Saudi oil with Alberta oil. It might have a small effect on Scheer’s fixation on being so bland that he wins the next election by default (a bad strategy but apparently all he’s got.) What it does do is set up the conditions for a revolt at the ballot box come October.

Right now Maxime Bernier needs to be in Alberta. He needs to visit and encourage Ms. Griffith and go to a trucker’s rally or two.

Canadians are very reluctant to actually do “civil disobedience”. It is not who we are. The fact there are large protests tells me that, in Alberta at least, a tipping point has been reached. A smart, insurgent, politician and political party would be taking full advantage.

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3 thoughts on “New Year, New Attitude

  1. Neil Wilson says:

    Even I have purchased a gilet jaune and for the first time in my life will set out to the hill in support when they arrive down here. I hope momentum is gained and that the convoy becomes national in scope – start on Vancouver Island and in St John’s and meet in the middle. Better it be done in May but….I also wish the gilet jaune movement would gel around some sound leadership that eliminates the over-the-top commentary and begins to focus on carbon pricing, illegal migration, national debt, and pipelines. À la lantérne les aristos! l’homme les barricades. Down with Skippy.

  2. Cytotoxic says:

    The revolt will be during Alberta’s election. That’s probably as far as it goes, which is pretty far.

    What idiot thought it would be a good idea to rip off the yellow vests of France? Those people are violent degenerates who want free stuff paid for by someone else. Between that and the disturbing presence of casual racism and xenophobia at these rallies, I can see why Bernier might be reluctant. This movement will probably be remembered more for ineptitude than anything else.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Those people are violent degenerates who want free stuff paid for by someone else. ”

      Yup…hardcore socialists, all of them. Your people.

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