Kenny for the Win

Jason Kenny, Alberta ElectionI am not exactly surprised. 62/25.

Edmonton was the outlier but, realistically, where do the civil servants live?

Unlike many a provincial Premier, Jason Kenny has played in Ottawa. He’s done the ethnic politics thing. He knows how the mandarinate in Ottawa thinks and he is going to be a formidable foe for Justin Trudeau.

Best of all, he realizes what hogwash carbon taxes are and he’ll kill Alberta’s.

A great night for Alberta, likely a great night for Canada.

One thought on “Kenny for the Win

  1. Dwayne says:

    Sadly here in BC we will never see a strong conservative party have a chance. The most we can hope for is blue Liberals, and that makes me quite sad. I even bit the bullet last provincial election and voted for the Liberal candidate up here in Comox/Courtenay, and ex RCAF Colonel/Wing Commander. Nice enough guy, but he still lost to the NDP candidate.

    How many years of carbon tax here in BC now? Ten or eleven? Has it helped the world? Nope, in face the NDP/Green alliance is going to increase it and put it into general revenue so the next election they can make spending promises like you haven’t seen in years. I can only try and guess at what the handouts will look like, but as a retired military person I know not one single penny will be spent trying to buy my vote. Good thing, I guess, since I can’t be bought. I have standards, and I try to keep to them.

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