Ha, ha, ha

Of all the silly wastes of time in my week “recycling” rankles most. What does it say about the wealth of a nation that it is mandatory to sort your garbage? It is “only ten minutes” is ten minutes too long for a task which is largely pointless.

Confirmation of recycling’s pointlessness is given in abundance in this global news article. Essentially, China (and the rest of Asia) have ceased to take our “recycling”. Which leaves recyclers with nowhere to sell or even give away what is actually garbage. And I was delighted to discover that my suspicions of the Chinese “recycling” were correct.

“For years, Canada shipped roughly half of its recycling exports to China with the belief it was all being transformed on the other side of the Pacific.  

“It’s since come to light that, in fact, what they were doing was mining out the valuable materials, and they were, in large part, burning the low-valuable materials” global news

The blue boxes, the sorting, the nasty labels pointing to your sorting failures all turn out to be a total waste of time.

Nothing but virtue signalling.

2 thoughts on “Ha, ha, ha

  1. derek says:

    No surprise here. The local regional district went from a sorted bin system to a system where everything was thrown into the same bin and shipped off. I said to my wife that I bet it goes into a landfill. It is even worse. It is shipped halfway around the globe then thrown into a landfill.

    Green = fraud.

    • Fred from BC says:

      What bugs me the most is the virtue-signaling in the form of attempts to ban plastic bags and straws, as if *I* am the one responsible for them ending up in the oceans. We already know that over 90 percent of all the plastics in the ocean come FROM ASIA. All mine go to recycling.

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