Very Wasted – Just as it was ever was

Now that was a wasted election.

The Cons beat the Libs by 1.5% in the popular vote and lost 156 to 122.

The very nice and articulate Mr. Singh lost seats for the NDP.

The Bloc rolled up enough seats in Quebec to be a real thing again and the Greens won one seat.

My party, PPC, lost its only seat, Max’s, and got 1.7% of the vote.

The Libs were cleaned out on the prairies and the Cons couldn’t get a kiss in Toronto (vote rich, don’t you know).

So Trudeau has a working minority with NDP support and, I suspect, will be able to run that minority for at least two, likely, three years. Scheer did well enough, despite his robotic performance, to likely keep his leadership on popular vote alone. Singh did terribly in terms of seats but I suspect, as he is far and away, the best leader he’ll survive any leadership review.

The Libs got smacked about and they lost Goodale. But it was hardly a crushing defeat. Justin lives to fight another day.

Leaving Canadian politics, just as it ever was.


4 thoughts on “Very Wasted – Just as it was ever was

  1. Neil Wilson says:

    Biggest loss was Lisa Raitt – see my comment Sept 17. Sheer doesn’t have it. Need a strong, assertive woman to channel Maggie Thatcher. I think the most disruptive period in Canadian history is upon us.

  2. Terry Rudden says:

    So the centre did NOT hold, and it turns out we were looking in the wrong direction for that rough beast. Something is still out there slouching towards Ottawa, but I think we’re all mystified right now.

  3. Dwayne says:

    Just confirmation that most Canadians are afraid of conservatism, and that they would vote for a black faced potato to avoid those “Ford style cuts” that would just gut healthcare and education, you know, those singularly Provincial responsibilities.

    Ah well, we’ll see what the NDP can extort out of the black faced potato… I’m expecting national pharmacare. I mean, what could that cost, 2 or 3 Billion more, on top of another 20 or 30 Billion dollar deficit… small potatoes, eh?

    My fear is that the NDP will demand election reform. If that happens there will never be another conservative government in power. More than 65% of the voters supported “progressive” parties this past election. If they bring in ranked ballots, every Liberal, NDP, Green, Bloc primary vote will have a “prog” ranked 2 and 3. If they try PR, then the total number of “prog” votes will always outnumber the total conservative vote. Yup, this election could have been the last one where the conservatives had a chance.

  4. Jay Currie says:

    Ranked ballots would suck completely. And it would not surprise me at all if the NDP, goaded by the Libs, demanded them.

    It would be another reason for Alberta and Sask to split from Canada. My own province of British Columbia would probably be fine with that.

    However, the problem may be deeper than that. Ranked ballot, list system, FPTP all suck if the conservative interest fails to come up with voter appealing policy. We can do that. See my post on Nickel a Kilowatt electricity.

    But to craft intelligent, conservative, policy we need to let go of the idea that we, somehow, have to accept the left’s orthodoxies and then say, “But more slowly.”

    Max had the right idea and was smeared for it. Doesn’t mean he was not right, just meant that he was a target.

    Smart conservatives will hijack the left’s talking points and make inroads into the communities of relatively sane Canadians who, despite living in Toronto, can actually think for themselves. The trick is not to accept the left’s premises. Scheer accepted those premises and never managed to cut through.

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