#Wexit + Max

This is interesting:

Meeting the Unity Challenge: An Agenda for Canada

Lots of names, lots of climate skeptics, lots of scholars, lots of Westerners.

Saturday Keynote? Maxime Bernier.

The great problem faced by the Reform Party, the Canadian Alliance and any number of Western Separatists and serious conservatives is that they could never figure out how to “go national” while staying true to their regional identity and concerns. Allying with Max may be a fix for that.

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2 thoughts on “#Wexit + Max

  1. Neil Wilson says:

    I left this yesterday but it seems to have vanished. If you dissed it then OK but I repost it in case it simply disappeared.

    If you found it distasteful, I would appreciate a note of explanation via e-mail. If you are going to allow it to go ahead, pls edit out this header.


    The west has held power but never used it strategically to the effect that the Laurentian power elites learned true respect. One such time was with Don Mazankowski as Deputy PM; Ottawa shuddered when Maz wanted something but this power was essentially invisible outside Ottawa. So what did the West do? Backed the Reform movement which had visibility but no real power and so handed the government to the Liberals for three terms.

    As far as Max is concerned, I too like many of his Libertarian policies but the country is a long way from accepting them and the man is not electable anyway so realpolitik demands he exit forthwith.

    I have expressed my view here earlier regarding replacing Scheer with Lisa Raitt; a woman who can channel Maggie Thatcher with just a soupçon of Churchill thrown in. However, this change must be backed by some fire from Moe and Kenny à la Peter Lougheed (which I don’t doubt will be there). Then proceed not in baby steps but in full on attack mode like Butch Cassidy in the iconic knife fight scene. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9KBOhPXhds.

    Perhaps take some pointers from Diane Francis’ playbook https://business.financialpost.com/diane-francis/diane-francis-alberta-needs-a-new-deal-fast-or-separation-is-inevitable

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