So The Donald has caught COVID.

Sighs, lamentations and ugly joy on the left.

What a crock.

Assume for the moment that this is true (which I honestly don’t think is the case.) Even at his age and weight, with decent treatment, he’ll be fighting fit for the next debate. Takes a bit of time off the rally trail, isolates in the White House. Does the HCQ. He’ll be fine.

But now the next debate is Lazarus vs. Sleepy Joe.

The “seemingly frail” President kicks Joe’s butt across the country.

Donald Trump made a fortune in reality TV. Some of his best friends run the “pro wrestling” world. How do you make the other guy the “heel”?

Get sick, recover, debate.

Trump won 2020 tonight. It was cheap and ugly and it will work.

(But the market will be ugly tomorrow.)

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One thought on “Snort….

  1. Justausername says:

    Well, they admitted him so I guess perhaps he really is, kind of, sick. I’m thinking there is nothing galaxy brained here, just someone who finally got the covid because he still travels and interacts with people, a lot.

    The idiots on twitter yelling the “he should have wore his mask!” just prove how stupid they are, because they are the ones telling us that they are wearing their to protect us. Sure, his mask would have saved him from it… And the others wishing for his death, just more proof that there is no empathy from the left, for all their “feelings”.

    Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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