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Michigan certified – in the face of rather strong evidence of miscounting and outright fraud – Joe Biden as the Presidential winner. This triggered a minor functionary, who had the pleasure of death threats, to release transition money to Biden. (Not yet President Elect Biden, if that happens it won’t happen until mid-December.)

One of my delightfully anti-Trump children texted, “Stick a fork in it”. Not yet. On the one hand I want to see what Rudy and the “official” Trump legal team will come up in Michigan, Nevada, Georgia and so on. On the other, I’d like to see what the unofficial Trump supporters, led by the estimable Sydney Powell come up with on the broader, and more criminal, question of coordinated electronic and paper tampering with the vote. Is there the hard evidence it would take to convince a court or is it all just smoke and hand waving?

Biden is doing just what I would expect a presumptive Presidential winner to do, naming his Cabinet and senior staff picks. Nothing wrong with that although the radical left of the Democratic Party are unlikely to be happy with the very Establishment picks so far. I suspect the Biden people will have cast the Biden Adminstration down to the Assistant Deputy Secretary level by the time the Trump litigation is decided.

Of course, the Democrats and more than a few Republicans of a RINO inclination, are suggesting that Trump concede. Michael Walsh makes a very strong case for why that should be the very last thing Trump does.

“Trump similarly grasps that to stand down now, even in the face of overwhelming opposition—some of it coming from within his own ranks—would spell an ignominious end to his presidency and demoralize his voting legions. To leave an open question of whether our porous and multifarious systems of voting are easily manipulated and therefore untrustworthy would be to do the nation a great disservice.

As we’ve seen throughout the past four years, appeasement doesn’t work. No matter what the duly elected president of the United States did, there was no satisfying the rabid left and its media lackeys, short of Trump’s expulsion from office, however effected.”

If there is proof of the widespread fraud which gave the election to Biden that needs to be exposed. The Courts may be reluctant to had the election to the victim of that fraud, but it is critical that such fraud as can be proven be addressed if only to shame its perpetrators into fixing a genuinely crappy electoral system. And, on the other hand, if Biden’s election was, more or less, clean, it is important that this finding be affirmed.

The Democrats spent four years denying the legitimacy of the Trump Presidency for no particularly good reason. The legitimacy of the Presidency of the winner of the 2020 Presidential election is going to be an open question until the very real legal questions surrounding the vote and the count are determined in Court.

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3 thoughts on “Transition This

  1. Cynthia Bishop says:

    Trump has all but conceded defeat. He has ordered his staff to cooperate with the Biden transition team. However he will continue with his litigation despite every court, thus far, has noted that there is no credible evidence of fraud.
    You note in your article that there is evidence. From where are you getting your information? What is this evidence that judges, many appointed by Republicans, have failed to see as convincing?

    • Jay Currie says:

      Sorry, this took so long to approve, Cynthia. At the moment there are several affidavits which have been released detailing assorted frauds with, apparently, hundreds more appended to the litigation which will commence in the next few days. If you want a rather detailed examination of the vote itself and the obvious fraud there in, fix a cup of coffee and read Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020 . It is long but an excellent and dispassionate analysis.

      You might also want to track the “glitches” which keep showing up and their direction. Glitches, if they are actually glitches, should be bi-partisan. In this election they have all gone Biden’s way.

      Trump has not conceded a thing, nor should he. Illegal ballots need to be excluded before we have any idea who won.

  2. John says:

    You know I like numbers and analysis so I took a look at the article you pointed to and while I am not an expert on elections or voting patterns I didn’t see a lot of rock solid evidence there, mostly statistical analysis.

    However what I would be interested in knowing is did you really find this convincing and if you did, how can you justify your position where you ignore so much statistical evidence on global warming?

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