To no one’s great surprise, the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are trending down in BC. Just like they did last Spring.

Now this Spring we have COVID vaccines and they are being credited with, if not stopping transmission (apparently they don’t stop it, they “reduce” it), at least reducing the severity of the disease in the vaccinated. Which is a good thing but, for the vast majority of healthy, non-elderly, people COVID has not been a very severe disease.

BC has not had strict lock downs. We’ve been encouraged to stay at home and indoor dining and drinking are banned. Masks are mandatory indoors in public spaces. But, generally, life has gone on largely unaffected by government rules.

At the moment, the one thing which would put an end to COVID in BC would be a decent run of warm weather. Because, realistically, for all the hysteria, COVID is an upper respiratory virus and it seems to behave the way such viruses do.

[It is interesting to note that the Spanish Flu came in waves with the second the most deadly. It then “disappeared”. There was no vaccine and no “cure”. Social distancing and masking as well as the prohibition of large gatherings were all implemented in various locations with varying success. In many instances, the public health measures were implemented after the second deadly wave was in decline.)

It is beginning to dawn on people that the general public health response to COVID at the federal and provincial levels – indeed at the world level – was weak if not actually destructive. We’re realizing that, on the data, lockdowns destroy economies but don’t seem to have much effect on the virus. We are also realizing that protecting the vunerable – particularily the elderly – blunts the effect of COVID. The realization that COVID is airborne and that infection from surface contact is rare should have come much earlier in the story.

The other response which needs scrutiny is the decision to focus on vaccination to the exclusion of treatment. Without going into the relative virtues of ivermectin or HCQ as treatments early in the course of an infection, it is astonishing that there was not a concerted effort to test treatments and develope treatments in parallel with the development of the vaccines. You don’t have to be a conspiracist to note that COVID treatment options got short shift.

So, here’s hoping that as Spring warms COVID wanes.

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