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Clarkson Gone?

The Telegraph has a leak saying Jeremy Clarkson is getting the boot. Grounds are a verbal and physical assault on a junior producer which the BBC could not tolerate. (Nor should they.)

As with any leak it is wise to wait for the official announcement. And to hear what the actual evidence is. If Clarkson is being sacked I have to guess that there is pretty compelling evidence which goes beyond a “fracas” with a bit of “handbagging”. I have to assume that Clarkson went well beyond an annoyed harangue and was in full on bully mode. But we’ll see what the evidence actually is.

I thoroughly enjoy Top Gear and no question Clarkson makes the show. I find the BBC management as dismally luvie and left wing as most of the commentary suggests it is. But if Clarkson really did throw his not inconsiderable weight around and barracked his subordinate – much less hit him – then Clarkson has to go. If he takes Hammoon and May over to Netflix and puts out a car show I’ll watch it and so will my boys. But he really should have known better. 

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