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Winter is Coming

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Oh Dear….

You see those little lines up there? the blue one goes down the green one is flat. Well those are the trends of the satellite temperature measurements for the last couple of decades.

CO2 up, temperature flat or declining.

The nest time a Canadian politician talks about cap and trade or carbon taxes ask him (or her) when was the last time the worldwide satellite temperature gauges showed any warming.

Bet they won’t answer. Because they don’t know and it’s our job to tell them.

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The total sum the U.N. says is needed each year is $267 billion. “Given that this is more or less equivalent to 0.3 percent of the global GDP, I personally think it is a relatively small price to pay to end hunger,” Graziano da Silva said in a statement.

Though much progress has been made in recent years, nearly 800 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat. Most live outside cities. reuters

Climate change idiots claim that we are now spending 1 billion dollars a day to “fight climate change”. (cite)

Given that there has been no global warming for 18+ years and that CO2 emissions continue to rise, maybe we should think about feeding real, hungry, people rather than pissing away billions on windmills and bio-fuels.

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Of Conspiracies

One of the climate hysterics favorite tropes is that realists are a denialist conspiracy in the pay of big oil.

Like many of the other loony things the hysterics maintain, this is principally a reflection of their own behaviour. Which is confirmed by the remarks made on the open Skeptical Science Web Forum. Steve McIntyre, one of the identified targets, has a selection of the remarks on that forum.

It is pretty “inside baseball” for anyone who has not been paying close attention to the climate debate…but fascinating if you have been.

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Little Green Idiots

Under the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives’ (CCPA) plan, funding for new government spending in green energy projects, subsidies for building retrofits and massive public transit expansion would come from a carbon tax of $200 per ton by 2020.

“That’s the engine that makes it go,” said the report’s author, Marc Lee.

Lee acknowledged the tax would cause transportation costs to spike.

“That would basically make Canadian gas prices more like gas prices in Europe,” said Lee. woodstock sentinel review

Love it!

The best part about hippie economics is that there is no danger at all that they will be implemented.

As the world cools, or at least does not get any warmer, these dimwits are trying to pretend that the infinitesimal amount of CO2 Canada is pumping out needs to be reduced to effectively zero by way of confiscatory carbon taxes. And the surge of political support for such useless taxes?

Not actually there. The CAGW/Green/hysterical agenda has fallen off the table politically in Canada. It simply never comes up except with American funded Suzukites block pipelines with endless “submissions”.

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives would get about as much traction advocating for mass mandatory female genital mutilation for cultural accommodation purposes. You’re done kids…go home.

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