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France…Lights Out

Kathy over at Five Feet points to two articles about first French Jews wanting to get out of France, second, French people in general wanting to leave.

Kathy comments that the Jews probably won’t want to try Canada next. Which is where I disagree. Canada seems to be convinced that we need large numbers of immigrants. (I am not convinced but, whatever.) If we do need 250,000 new people a year it makes a whole lot of sense to try and encourage high value, European, immigrants. French Jews a) speak one of Canada’s official languages, b) are throughly acculturated into a Western mainstream. So were I running Canadian immigration policy I would try to recruit both these fleeing Jews and the more ambitious non-Jewish French people who are fed up with France’s bizarre lurches towards unsustainable socialist models.

And, while we are at it, we might want to recruit Jews from Sweden and Denmark where rising immigration from third world, anti-Semitic, ratholes under the thin veneer of asylum, is making it deeply uncomfortable to be Jewish. Actively targeting Jewish immigrants would help them and, frankly, save us from bringing in more of our own anti-Semitic immigrants from third world ratholes.

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