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Amal’s wedding gift

George Clooney  for president As we watch hdr22@clintonmail.com puts Hilly on the defensive – and potentially in jail, the rest of the Democratic field pops out of the tall grass. Al Gore is in Iowa. An ex-Governor of Maryland got a standing ovation somewhere. Elizabeth Warren is still claiming to have a drop of Cherokee blood. Jerry Brown is still old. John Kerry is not quite finished selling out Israel to Iran. Joe Biden continues his hands on approach to the wives of new Cabinet appointees. Soooooo…..

George Clooney.

No, seriously. And all the more so when you realize that his lovely wife is wired to the Wiki leaks guy. How did that email addy get out?

George has made no secret of a political ambition. He has a pretty and very political wife. He is news getting out of a car. He has a billionaire buddy to pop the first 50 million. And he has a lot of charisma. He can read a ‘prompter and has a closet full of nice suits. What’s not to like?

Sure, the last actor President had two terms of Governor of California under his belt. But George has directed a couple of movies. Close enough.

All he needs to do is knock Amal up for the perfect Presidential picture to emerge.

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