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Lefty litmus test

Assorted lefties are falling all over themselves to support the freedom of the press.

Warren Kinsella has had a come to Jesus conversion and is in full support of Charlie Hebdo. I commented that he might want to apologise to his Sun colleague Ezra Levant for failing to stand with the Western Standard when it published the Motoons and that he might want to strike hate sniffer general Richard Warman off his Christmas list. The coward Kinsella deleted the comment a few hours later. The Jackal we know and love.

Over at Dawg’s one of his regular commenter took exception to my suggestion that mosques be closed. I responded at length. Two things:first, my comment and several responses are still up and there is a reasonable conversation occurring. I don’t think the lefties at Dawg’s are going to agree with me but, unlike the Jackal, they are prepared to engage.

Poor Warren is still trying to get the hang of this free speech thing. He might ask Ezra or Mark Steyn how it’s done.

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Mrs. Warman I Presume

Richard Warman, Anne Cools, CHRC, Ezra LevantOne of the enduring mysteries surrounding the assorted Richard Warman defamation cases against assorted Canadian bloggers has been the assumption by the defendants that our hero only had access to a single computer the hard drive of which has now been independently examined.

After all, the Hate Sniffer was, at the time married to Lise Warman for a couple of years. In this modern world was it not possible that Lise had a computer at home as well? Up until quite recently that was merely a pretty good hunch. But I was poking about on an entirely unrelated subject and came across Richard and Lise’s testimony in the William White case (the odious White Supremacist who was convicted, on appeal, of soliciting the murder of the Hate-Sniffer in Chief.)

Let’s go to the transcript of Lise Warman’s testimony:

Q Good afternoon, Ms. Warman. Would you introduce yourself
2 to the jurors.
3 A Certainly. My name is Lise Warman, and I am Richard
4 Warman’s spouse.
5 Q You may want to pull that microphone a bit closer so
6 everyone can hear you.
7 Where do you live?
8 A I live in Ottawa, Canada.
9 Q And you’ve been married to Richard Warman since 2001?
10 A That’s correct.
11 Q What do you do for a living?
12 A I’m a lawyer. I am an assistant Crown attorney, which is
13 equivalent of assistant district attorney for you. So I’m a
14 criminal prosecutor and I prosecute offenders.
15 Q What type of cases do you prosecute?
16 A We have a criminal code in Canada, so we prosecute
17 everything that’s a criminal code, including theft, all the
18 way up to the murder cases. We don’t do drugs or federal
19 statutes.
20 Q What do you specialize in?
21 A I specialize in Internet child exploitation, sexual
22 assault. We do everything, but those are mostly my areas
23 of —

(you can find the reference here but I can’t get the link to the transcript to work. I have it if anyone wants it.)

So, now there is more than merely a hunch – Mrs. Warman specifically prosecuted cases of Internet Child Exploitation. In other words, the nature of her job meant that she did very much the same sort of thing as her husband except, of course, she was prosecuting actual internet criminals under the Criminal Code. (And good for her say I.)

However, it does raise some interesting and, I suspect, important questions. First, did Mrs. W. have a computer at home for work or simply because she was a wired up kinda gal? Second, did the Warmans trade tips on how best to engage their respective prey? Third, why have none of the defendants in the assorted Cools related defamation cases sought to examine Mrs. W’s computer (assuming, rather plausibly, she had one) to determine if hubby might have been using it as a back up/cut out machine? I am sure more computer savvy people than I will have further questions one of which might well be whether Mrs. W’s computer shared the same IP that Bernard Klatt swore the Cools post came from?

And, while we tease out these possibilities, let’s hope Connie and FreeDominion prevail tomorrow in motions court in the Do’s matter. Apparently Connie would like a jury trial. Which would be fascinating. (Oddly, I gather that the Hate Sniffer in Chief’s counsel are not so keen on letting the hoi polloi nobble the judge with messy findings of fact.

UPDATE: Free Dominion Wins a Round:

Connie writes,

Both sides said that they did. So, she basically said that she was going to accept our amended Statement of Defence as it was written. Then, on the issue of the jury notice, she said that the other side had not provided her with any evidence that they would be prejudiced if she allowed us to file a jury notice. Since there was nothing in their evidence that showed they would be prejudiced, it was clear she was going to allow our jury notice, too.

Then, she asked the lawyers if they wanted to take half an hour to talk and see if they could come to a resolution. Once we met, the other side immediately agreed to consent to the updated Statement of Defence and to us filing a jury notice. Costs will be awarded at the end of the trial. We agreed to allow them two more hours to cross-examine me since our Statement of Defence is now considerably longer and more detailed. We responded to that by asking for two more hours to cross-examine Richard Warman. They did not consent to that, and the judge didn’t think the law allowed for it, so we let it go. It’s not like he answers questions, anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

The big deal is that we got what we wanted in the motion. Exactly what we wanted. We now have a kick-ass Statement of Defence, and this trial is going to a jury! free dominion

I can think of nothing better for Freedom of Speech in general than to have the Witch Sniffer before a jury. Arrogance and self righteousness tend to go over rather badly with juries.

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A year without blogging

For a little over a year I have not blogged. Have not even commented very often.

For the first three or four months it was a relief simply because I had, repeatedly, said much the same thing on much the same topics to much the same people for the proceeding year. Nothing wrong with that but not terrifically interesting for me or, I fear, my readers.

So off I went and spent a year building a business (which hit a wall recently and is being rebuilt on stronger foundations), threw the football around with my kids, sailed little tiny Flying Juniors and watched the great and the good lose more and more of the thread.

To some extent I kept up checking in at Kathy’s, Arnie’s and Kate’s. Reading Instapundit and Watts Up with That; but mainly I left the assorted blog battles to others.

In large part because I was coming to believe that in the rush to score points (and avoid litigation) a good deal of the fun and the promise had been lost to blogging. I don’t think this was, by and large, deliberate – although Richard Warman’s apparent unwillingness to proceed expeditiously with any of his lawsuits suggests a degree of contentment with the mere silence of the bloggers involved, but then Lucy never was a blogger in any serious sense. Rather I think it arises because tribalism overwhelms the very real possibilities of the medium.

At the same time, the wholesale adoption of Twitter by the blogosphere and MSM journalists has mean that snark has found its perfect venue. 144 characters pretty much defines one liner and defeats argument. Twitter and IPO darling Facebook are certainly distracting; but they suck a good deal of air out of the blogging enterprise.

The proliferation of MSM blogs was entirely foreseeable – it is a publishing platform first and foremost – but the sheer number of those blogs limits the capacity of anyone but the retired and the unemployed to really stay current.

There is a lot of noise out there.

So why come back?

Certainly not to add to the noise. While I am delighted to have the link from Blazing Catfur to kick this off ¬†(and I hope to have many more) what I realized over my sabatical is that I enjoy the writing for itself. And I enjoy my readers’ comments.

My own sense is that blogging in Canada has been incredibly successful in a few quite narrow ¬†areas: s.13 really is dead and the credit for making its destruction a matter of principle goes, in part, to bloggers. On a much larger scale, the political defeat of the CAGW hysterics and the underscoring of the very real uncertainty – not to mention out and out fraud – which characterizes some of the more incendiary “science” upon which their claims have been based – has been driven by bloggers. (Of course it has not hurt that windmills don’t work and temperature has ceased to rise significantly for the last 17 years; but those facts have needed to be brought to public attention.)

Where blogging has been less successful is on the broader questions. We still have so-called conservative governments unwilling to reduce the size of government. We still have governments which believe they have a positive right to tell their citizens how to live and what to think.

So there is lots to write about and lots to do.

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