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The Burbs #ELXN42

Harper, CPC, Rob Ford

Who has let those dreadful people in?

The night before E-Day and the campaigns are pushing, hard or not, to hit the last few swing seats. Smart war rooms have closed down the news cycle and are throwing what resources they have left at GOTV efforts for the Day. (Really smart campaigns have been working the advanced polls to get as many of their committed voters “in the box” before E-Day as possible.

The media seem to be hedging a bit as the polls are pretty inconclusive – JT up a bit, but then there is EKOS… – but they are all pretty sure Harper screwed himself being seen at a Ford Brothers shindig on Saturday night.

Chris Selley marked the desperation:

And then, there was Saturday night — a brand new low for a conservative party that has abandoned so very many of its conservative principles. Drugs or no drugs, the Fords’ politics is a flailing, nihilist mashup of spite, fantasy and delusion masquerading as “Respect for Taxpayers.” The Tories wear that now. If they lose on Monday, they will have utterly debased themselves doing so. national post 

Young Justin, fresh from discovering that one of his key campaign aides has been peddling advice on how to reach out to the new Prime Minister, went deep Annex on Harper:

Trudeau, asked during an appearance in Montreal about the prime minister’s association with the Ford brothers, said Harper should be “embarrassed that he’s having to count on the support of Rob Ford for his re-election.” national post

The Fords touch a very deep-rooted snobbery which lies at the heart of Canadian politics. Rob Ford’s fall from a weird sort of grace was, from the Annex and the deep bunkers of the CBC and the Toronto Star all the way to the languor of the virtual common room which the Globe and Mail effects, a much needed correction in the Canadian universe. People like the Fords, brash, uncouth, beer-drinking – Labatts not artisanal – get up the noses of the decent people who recycle, cry for refugees and are convinced global warming is the moral challenge of our age.

Oddly the people whining about Harper sharing a stage with the Fords were not going to vote for Harper. The question is will Ford Nation turn out? Harper probably has very little time for the Fords; but he needs the votes they can bring in order to win the suburban ridings which ring the orange and red ridings of downtown Toronto.

Like most Canadian elections, this election is not going to be won in the downtown core of Toronto or Montreal or Vancouver or Calgary: it will be won in the burbs. Burbs where Ford Nation and the bluer sort of Tory feel right at home. The years that Jason Kenny has invested in the Sikh and Chinese and Hindu communities have made whole tracts of the burbs winable CPC seats. An ethnic strategy which recognizes the social conservatism of many ethnic communities is about to be tested.

The Canadian “middle class” does not live downtown. It lives in cul d’sacs and townhouses and Vancouver Specials. For a decade Harper and the CPC have been weaning it away from the Liberal Party. Ford Nation is about aspiration.

Aspirational, middle class, voters are a huge part of this election. Either the CPC strategy has worked and these voters will stay aligned with Harper and the CPC and their pocketbooks  or it will have failed and those voters will take a flyer on JT.

Chris and Justin are “shocked and appalled” that Harper would take seriously these sorts of people. It will be interesting to see if Harper has made an astute political bet or if Ford Nation is just déclassé bluster.

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Keeping up with the Fords

Obviously, Rob Ford, his brother, his sister and his mother are doing a stealth reality show.

The Kardashians have nothing on the Fords when it comes to getting international media attention.

Episodes will include:

“Rob finds out that he and Jack were seeing the same rub and tug girl.”

“Justin and Rob smoke a fattie.”

“Doug Ford discovers that brother Rob actually, sorta, well, kinda, killed a guy, but by mistake.”

“Mother Ford finds Rob’s forty year old BBW porn stash.”

“Estonian Day celebration turns into food fight with Rob and Doug competing to see who can scarf the most strudel.”

“Rob skates naked at Nathan Philips Square. Not even the Star is willing to print the pics.”

“Kim Kardashian comes to Toronto – Rob grabs half her ass, Doug does wingman duties on the other half”

“Olivia Chow waives her pointy finger.”

“A bit drunk, Rob accidentally knocks the Queen Street streetcar off its tracks.”

“Toronto City Council passes a resolution saying it will collectively hold its breath until Jon Stewart stops being “so mean” to Toronto.”

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Canadians owe Toronto and its Mayor Rob Ford a tremendous debt of gratitude.

It’s grey and rainy in Victoria, snowing and freezing in Saskatchewan, miserable in Manitoba but Mayor Ford and the Media Party are lighting up the Eastern sky.

Getting blind drunk with people who have crack and video cameras might, in a lesser man, suggest a want of judgement; but Mayor Ford is putting it all behind him. No resignation, no rehab, just a dogged determination to push forward.

Which will provide Canada with entertainment well through the Christmas Season. Ford himself is not the star; rather it is the lefty great and good climbing on their high horses and demanding his resignation if not his arrest. The Toronto left and their handmaidens in the Media Party hate Ford. They hate who he is, what he believes in and, worst of all, his refusal to accept their judgement as to what is appropriate. So long as Ford does not resign they will sputter and yell and explain in pious tones how a world class city like Toronto can’t possibly be taken seriously with a cracker for a mayor.

If Mayor Ford is well advised – and there is no reason to think he is – today will be the last words he says about his stumble from grace. Not another word. At that point the Media and the lefties and the self anointed great and good will be left huffing and puffing in the face of a stubborn, elected, Mayor.

And the rest of Canada will have a little comic relief to ease the rigours of a Canadian winter.

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We will, We Will, Rock You!

Snort! This really is awful…But hugely fun.

The bien pensant have nothing…nothing…


The doubtful Mister Ford has a really awful bit of rock and roll.

I call it a draw.


Ha, Ha, Ha…..Gone

Those damned Toronto star journalists…bugged the drug dealer just a little too much.

So says Gawker and who would not believe them.

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Rob Ford and the Toronto Media

I find Rob Ford rather repellant. Better than the other guys but that just shows how weak the Toronto conservative bench really is.

Of course I am delighted he gets up the nose of all the right people, but he is still pretty gross.

And now, having failed to depose him via a stupid Court case, the bien pensant are going for the flat out smear. Armed with a grainy picture of a big fat idiot and, apparently, the word of a bunch of murdering drug dealers, the Toronto media – and right thinking citizens in the Annex and environs – have decided that Ford  smokes crack with black people. If true, this is not a good thing.

However, for the moment the fact is that these great and good folks a) don’t have the video, b) have sorta lost track of the people who claim to have the video, c) are looking dumber by the hour.

Time to put up or shut up: got the video? Great, let’s give the drug dealers the 200K (and not ask too many questions, OK) and out Ford as a crack smoking fat boy. Or, if you can’t actually produce the video, shut up.

Meanwhile, conservatives, please…try to find less revolting people to elect. Just because Ford is better than any of the dimwit lefties who ran against him is no reason to be proud of the buffoon – try to do better. The reality is that there are smart, articulate, conservative people with fewer downsides than the Ford Brothers bring to the table. Why not go that way?

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Two important developments happened Thursday night in Gawker’s Rob Ford “Crackstarter” campaign: someone donated $10,000, and editor John Cook admitted he hasn’t been able to get in touch with the owner of the alleged Ford crack video since Sunday.

The U.S. website’s crowd-funding campaign is seeking to buy the smartphone video that allegedly shows Toronto Mayor Rob Ford appearing to smoke crack cocaine. The video is being shopped around by a group of Somali men involved in the drug trade, the Toronto Star previously reported. the star

Generally, drug dealers tend not to be terrifically reliable.

Apparently this is news to the Star and Gawker.

‘Cause they really are that dumb.

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