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Losing Faith


To be honest I have found Faith Goldy a bit much on The Rebel. Cute as a button but a little over the top.

And she made a rookie mistake speaking to The Daily Stormer in Charlottesville. Pretty dumb but, perhaps, understandable given that an idiot had just killed someone behind her.

But Ez, champion of free speech, takes this as an excuse to fire the woman. He’s scrambling on all fronts, he’s lost his cruise, his access to the new leader of the PC’s, he’s being “extorted” by a couple of Brits and his staff list is dwindling by the hour. So, of course, the smart move is to fire one of his most engaging reporters.

Ez needs to be in front of the camera and let smart people run the business. But, I fear, it is too late for that. Holed below the waterline The Rebel is going down.

Pro-tip Ezra. Saying “fuck” a lot does not make you tough. As I say to my boys, it makes you stupid. The audio is out there and, I fear, you sound like a suburban kid trying to use foul language to sound tough and hip. You are neither. I realized that when we had our wee moment vis a vis Richard Warman’s bluster and your capitulation. The f-bombs were flying and I was bemused. I knew you could do better but, sadly, you didn’t.

Faith was very nice. Forgiving. Down right Christian about you firing her for simply speaking.

You are about to be pushed into a very dark place. Unfairly for the most part. But arrogance and hubris are their own rewards. You never understood Breitbart’s essential truism that culture is upstream of politics. You wanted to be political without the plinth of culture.

And now you’re done.

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I love Lauren Southern

Lauren Southern

Well, she was a Libertarian Candidate


Very easy on the eyes even for pervy old guys like me with the monitor at 180%.

Figuring her way out into the journalism world armed with a microphone and a huge sign announcing “There is no rape culture in the West” at the Vancouver Slut Walk. Smart, honest, gutsy and, of course, right.

It turns out that Miss Southern is, or rather was, a Libertarian candidate for Parliament. She was suspended for, and I quote Breitbart which quotes the Libertarian Party leader, the deeply unknown Tim Moen as saying “According to Moen, Southern’s actions had “broken message discipline” and undermined the party’s efforts to “connect hearts and minds to the message of liberty and achieve a tipping point of 10% of the population adopting an unshakable belief in Liberty.” (brietbart)

Now this clown has obviously missed the key rule of politics: people who have 750,000 You-Tube views are connecting to the hearts and minds of which you speak. Miss Southern is willing to take a message to the 3rd Wave Feminists. She’s willing to stand up for the truth. If you needed to know why the Libertarian cause is an electoral disaster Tim’s genius move dumping Miss Southern is pretty much the story.

The good news is that Libertarians are rallying around Miss Southern and suggesting that their leader and the Party “elite” get their heads out of their anal sphincters and recognize that Miss Southern is the electoral gold they have been seeking. If they piss off some social justice warriors, feminists and other bigots, so much the better.

The Libertarian position is properly understood as a broad church. It is about government and the evils thereof. it makes perfect sense for there to be Libertarian socons as well as Libertarian SJWs; but, where they meet is that the state should have nothing to do with it.

Let’s see how that works in practice. Gay Marriage, socons hate it, SJW’s are convinced it is a blessing from the Great Goddete of Equal Rights: Libertarian position, What the Fuck is the State doing being involved in marriage. Go away.

Pot: Socons, “The Devil’s Weed”, Legalization Bunnies, “It’s medicine.” Libertarian position, What the Fuck is the State doing being involved with what I choose to smoke?”

Race: Socons, “Race should be ignored, individuals matter.” SJWs, “Race, gender and identity are the only things which matter, individuality is a no more than a social construct”. Libertarian position, What the Fuck is the State doing making choices as to which citizens to favour? Go away.

The dimbulbs in the Canadian Libertarian Party seem to have forgotten who the enemy is. Here is a reminder – it’s the State. And it is anyone who wants to use the State to further their, no doubt admirable, agenda.

Miss Southern seems to intuitively get that. The idiots who suspended her Libertarian candidacy are still stuck inside the box of PC thinking. (As an aside, was Miss Southern homeschooled…she does not seem to have absorbed the general idiocy the current school system creates.) Being inside the box they don’t realize that it is not about a particular position; rather it is about understanding that on all matters it is government and the use of government which is the problem. The Libertarian enemy, the Libertarian problem to be solved, is never about socons or SJWs, it is about the State and its systematic destruction of individual liberties.

Miss Southern is blowing up big. She has the looks and the sass and the sheer balls to épater le bourgeois.

Mr. Moen needs to get over himself. He needs to tell his Party President that Libertarians ignore the two minutes of Twitter hate the feminist SJWs can summon. He needs to tell his Executive that he will sign Miss Southern’s nomination papers and, if he has the wit God gave a rock, he needs to apologize to Miss Southern for being such a gormless pussy.

Mis Southern is destined for great things, Mr. Moen? At the moment, not so much.

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