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Redford Gone

Good Riddance.

No, it is not a good idea to use tax money to fly to bury an old communist.

But, more to the point, it is simply insane to have a province as rich as Alberta running a deficit.

She will not be missed.

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Very cool – Spritz

I suspect this is a bit more revolutionary than it first appears. Go try it.

Ukraine and Folly

It was wonderful to see Russia take one on the nose when the corrupt, pro-Russian President was sent packing. However, the reality of the ethnic mix in the Ukraine means that the Eastern side of the mainland and Crimea are not a natural fit for Ukraine.

Ceding that territory or turning it into one or two quasi states would be painful but far better than having a full scale war or an ongoing civil war.

Rebuilding a smaller but ethnically more homogeneous Ukraine should be the focus of the West’s efforts. And, realistically, that is about all the West has the capacity to do in any event.

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