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Clarkson Gone?

The Telegraph has a leak saying Jeremy Clarkson is getting the boot. Grounds are a verbal and physical assault on a junior producer which the BBC could not tolerate. (Nor should they.)

As with any leak it is wise to wait for the official announcement. And to hear what the actual evidence is. If Clarkson is being sacked I have to guess that there is pretty compelling evidence which goes beyond a “fracas” with a bit of “handbagging”. I have to assume that Clarkson went well beyond an annoyed harangue and was in full on bully mode. But we’ll see what the evidence actually is.

I thoroughly enjoy Top Gear and no question Clarkson makes the show. I find the BBC management as dismally luvie and left wing as most of the commentary suggests it is. But if Clarkson really did throw his not inconsiderable weight around and barracked his subordinate – much less hit him – then Clarkson has to go. If he takes Hammoon and May over to Netflix and puts out a car show I’ll watch it and so will my boys. But he really should have known better. 

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Well Hello Bibi

Never believe polls.

Now the fun part about Israeli elections is that no one ever wins outright.  The results define the negotiations as to who actually forms the government. But Bibi won the most seats and the nationalist coalition is in striking distance of a majority. Kulanu, a party lead by a disaffected Likudnic, is likely to fall in behind Bibi leaving the Left and the Arab list out in the cold. 

But that could all change by morning.

And yes Obama does look like a putz.


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Bibi Bye Bye

Tomorrow Israel votes and, as the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, the chances are that vote will be fair and the outcome honoured. If you want to know why I support Israel that is a key reason.

There is a good chance Netanyahu will lose tomorrow. No need to dig into the Big “0” sending people and money to bring this about.  The fact is that Bibi has always had the capacity to lose simply on the judgement of the Israelis of his merits. I’ve always liked Bibi’s tough mindedness but his execution has been shakey.  Ten more days rooting out the Hamas animals in the last Gaza war would have crippled Hamas. Working even more closely with Egypt to cut off supplies to Hamas could have worked as well.

On the dove side there is no good reason to wave the red cape of new settlements in front of a weary world.  They energise the anti Semetic left in Europe, give Obama and that dolt Kerry talking points and make it impossible to achieve the rapprochement with much of the Arab world that the rise of IS and Iran may make possible. It may make sense in terms of internal Israeli politics but it squanders opportunity in the wider world.

If Bibi loses the loss can be of two forms: first, it may well be a reduction in likud seats but without a necessary loss of government,  or it maybe an outright win for the centre left. Given a choice I would prefer an outright win or complete defeat.

Herzog is hardly a push over.  But he does not have the baggage Bibi carries. Israel has a huge opportunity to become even more of a stable, reliable ally for the West and the Arabs in the Middle East.  That will not happen with a man willing, on election eve to push the two state solution under the bus.

Amal’s wedding gift

George Clooney  for president As we watch puts Hilly on the defensive – and potentially in jail, the rest of the Democratic field pops out of the tall grass. Al Gore is in Iowa. An ex-Governor of Maryland got a standing ovation somewhere. Elizabeth Warren is still claiming to have a drop of Cherokee blood. Jerry Brown is still old. John Kerry is not quite finished selling out Israel to Iran. Joe Biden continues his hands on approach to the wives of new Cabinet appointees. Soooooo…..

George Clooney.

No, seriously. And all the more so when you realize that his lovely wife is wired to the Wiki leaks guy. How did that email addy get out?

George has made no secret of a political ambition. He has a pretty and very political wife. He is news getting out of a car. He has a billionaire buddy to pop the first 50 million. And he has a lot of charisma. He can read a ‘prompter and has a closet full of nice suits. What’s not to like?

Sure, the last actor President had two terms of Governor of California under his belt. But George has directed a couple of movies. Close enough.

All he needs to do is knock Amal up for the perfect Presidential picture to emerge.

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