Oh Dear!

Brendan O’Neill has farted in The Spectator.

Ah, but these were the wrong kind of working-class people. They were the Football Lads Alliance (FLA), a fascinating grassroots movement founded earlier this year to protest against terrorism and the ideologies that fuel it. These Football Lads had their first demo on 24 June. Thousands descended on London Bridge, site of an Islamist massacre just three weeks earlier, and held a traffic-stopping demo against extremism. On Saturday they had their second gathering. An estimated 10,000 fans brought Park Lane to a standstill. Rival fans, from Spurs, West Ham, Leeds and other teams, rubbed shoulders, held wreaths in the colours of their clubs, and listened peacefully as speakers railed against hateful extremism and slammed the branding of people who criticise Islamism as ‘Islamophobic’.

It was a very rare thing in the 21st century: a march organised by working-class people and attended by working-class people. Thousands of them. Most marches these days are packed with public-sector types, plummy anti-fascists, and Guardian columnists who must maintain their rad cred by occasionally traipsing through the streets with people holding dusty trade-union banners. But the two FLA marches have been different. They have been cries from below. And they’ve been all but ignored. Sure, there has been media coverage, but it has been perfunctory. Despite being big, stirring and novel — people in football shirts gathering in their thousands to confront the ideology of terror! — the demos haven’t trended online or attracted much attention from the ‘voice for the voiceless’ brigade. They don’t want to hear those voices. The Spectator

O’Neill is a bright, youngish, sometimes Marxist who, I am afraid, channels Orwell. He notices things. He notices actual working class activity. A bunch of football fans, aka hooligans, are not a pretty sight to the more enlightened Guardian reading classes. In fact, these are the very people the modern British state is at great pains to exclude from the conversation. They say such rude things. They don’t buy into the denunciation of Islamophobia. In fact, given their head, they would likely pack up benefits queen Islamists and send them back to the shitholes they came from.

Can’t have that.

My righty friends tend to be very pessimistic about the Islamization of Europe. They write the place off as hopelessly mired in political correctness. I am more optimistic. The FLA is a good start, so are the Poles saying the Rosary on the borders.

Europe is far from over. In fact, there is a sense that it has only begun to fight.

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6 thoughts on “Oh Dear!

  1. Dwayne says:

    I imagine that the press will report these “far right” folks in due course. It seems that any protest against immigrants is reported as “far right”, even when it really isn’t.

    As you say, perhaps there is some hope, but I will wait.

  2. Cytotoxic says:

    The ‘Islamization’ of Europe is a lie and a farce. There are no ‘no go zones’ these are just a myth. The ‘Swedish rape epidemic’ is a lie. Doug Saunders wrote a book that does an excellent job of putting truth to these lies, including the silly notion that Europe will every be majority Muslim.

    Thankfully a bunch of football yobs and other peons are unlikely to cause too much damage, but they still must be non-coercively repressed just in case.

  3. Klootzaak says:

    Ah yes, Jay treats us to a topic near and dear to all our hearts: a Mark Steyn versus Ralph Peters redux. Jay appears to come down on the side of Peters and thinks Europe will soon ditch the pacifist drag act and revert to form – successfully defend itself and cast out or at least castrate Islam.

    A valid point of view. One I once shared (depending on which side of the bed I got up on). Helaas Pindakaas, along came Merkul’s Migrant Meltdown Hijrah of 2015 and I’m now much more on Steyn’s side: Europe, as we know it, notwithstanding recent elections in Austria & the Czech Republic, is doomed.

    As for Cytotoxic’s feeble intervention against Eurabia crimethink by waving around his Doug Saunders talisman? I’ve never met nor followed either of them so I’m forced to wield Occam’s Razor and posit that for Cytotoxic, Europe is a far off continent of which he knows only what Doug Saunders and other media folk tells him. For Mr. Saunders, the Upton Sinclair quote “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it” springs immediately to mind. Mr. Saunders would be, it’s safe to say, immediately banished from polite society and any reporting/writing gigs if got within a 1000 kilometers of even hinting that Islam is establishing predatory & ungovernable parallel societies in Europe.

    Speaking of predatory & ungovernable, I see in the local news that we’re getting more ‘Allahu Akbarricades’ here in Islamsterdam:


    No doubt coming to a Canadian city near you soon…

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