The trivialization of Canadian Politics

faith goldy and justin trudeauDock Currie (not related) apparently posted something to the internet several years ago which was offensive. So he felt he had to resign as an NDP candidate. [Anyone who sees Dock on Twitter has to wonder if he has ever posted something which is not offensive, but there is is.) Several conservatives have, at various times been in the same crowd of several hundred or thousand people as Canada’s answer to Toyko Rose, Faith Goldy. The shock, the horror.

I realize that a race between Trudeau, Scheer, Singh and May is not very inspiring. (It would have been so much more interesting had the Conservatives actually run a conservative like Max Bernier rather than whatever the hell Scheer is, but them’s the breaks.) But piling on to candidates for ancient statements or mau-mauing them for distant association with a cartoon fascist simply sets the bar even lower.

Having accomplished nothing of substance in their years in government – they even screwed up the pot file which took real ingenuity – the Libs are reduced to going negative from the outset. Their war room knows that Canadians are unimpressed with “climate change needs higher taxes” as a campaign theme. They also know that Trudeau’s legal and ethics problems offset what charisma he has as a campaigner.

So now it is time for “Project Fear”. Scheer = Harper = Trump. Scheer is going to take away abortion rights, Scheer is not an ally of the gay community because he does not jet all over the country to march in pride parades. The Conservatives hate immigrants and so on.

Going negative this early strongly suggests that the Lib’s internal polling is suggesting a fair bit of weakness. Conventionally, a party will save the negative stuff for the last couple of weeks of the campaign when it is the most damaging and the hardest to refute. I suspect the Libs have realized that with their own leader either under RCMP investigation or credibly accused of impeding that investigation, they need to distract and terrify the under 30’s, newer immigrants and the ladies if they are going to win.

After years of public school and woke university, the under 30’s are ignorant enough to fall for the climate scare. Newer immigrants might be frightened by conservatives who attended a rally at which Faith Goldy was present because, well, that would make them Nazis too. And the Libs think the ladies will swoon over the suggestion that Scheer (a major breeder and Catholic) will be jumping right in to create a Handmaiden’s Tale anti-abortion dystopia where the State will mandate that pregnancy will only end with birth.

With a bought and paid for mainstream media pumping out those themes, keeping Max off stage and lobbing Nerf ball questions at Trudeau, the Liberal war room may well be right.

After all, when not plotting with the Pope to make pregnancy mandatory, Scheer is a dull, decent, dog of a candidate. Dirty him up a bit and the poor man may never recover.

The Liberal war room and the mainstream media seem to think this is what politics is about. It isn’t. Right now there are actually serious issues facing Canada beginning with the fact that because of the disaster which is Canadian energy policy, the shut down of 50% of Saudi Arabia’s oil production may mean the Eastern Bastards really do freeze in the dark this winter. Will that come up on the campaign trail? Will real, if painful solutions to Canada’s deficit and debt problem come up? Will the fact that our current External Affairs minister is persona non gratia in China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the US come up?

These are real issues. Dock Currie’s usually odious comments and being in the same city as Faith Goldy are not.

The Liberals and the paid for Canadian media are pretty sure we’re too dumb to see the difference.

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2 thoughts on “The trivialization of Canadian Politics

  1. Neil Wilson says:

    I would like to see a Conservative majority but alas, expect a Liberal minority. This however holds some promise for eventual, positive change a year or so down the road:

    Mr. Scheer does not have the royal jelly; I voted for him in the leadership race when wiser heads said Lisa Raitt. Based on her performance at the justice committee and her evisceration of Michael Wernick, I can say without shame – ‘they were right and I was wrong’. So a liberal minority backed by the Greens and an NDP rump should precipitate a Scheer resignation and an opportunity to elevate a seasoned, assertive woman to the Conservative leadership.

    Mad Max offers some interesting policies but he is unelectable and the country is not ready to go as far as he would like down the path of Libertarianism. He is useful however insofar as he provides a home for those few who are truly on the extreme right thus cleansing the mainstream. I do not see him having a material impact in either the short or long term.

    A healthy spike in oil prices in the east should open the Liberal-energy-policy kimono a bit further and, combined with an increased price on carbon into the near term will, ahem, add fuel to the fire.

    Hopefully: the Snc-Lavelin affair will continue to ripen; the private-sector portion of the economy will continue to stagnate (compared to the US) for a little longer but should be only short term pain; continued Liberal bloodsucking policies will have a material impact on the wallets of Canadians, particularly the wallets of millenials; and, illegal migrant issues will continue to pile up. And so the egregious nature of Skippy’s reign will become clear to even the most low-information voter. Then our fake feminist can go mano a mano with a strong female opponent and when the time is ripe as Sir Humphrey might say, a non-confidence vote could precipitate an new election that would likely result in a Conservative majority, led by a strong woman.

    In other news, bull semen plant explodes. Film at 11:00.

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